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5 Google Ads Metrics Agencies Must Monitor Daily

As an agency owner, you understand how important it is to keep track of your Google Ads metrics. But which metrics should you be paying attention to daily? This blog post will break down the most important metrics to monitor and explain why they’re so crucial.

All You Wanted To Ask About Google MCC and Were Afraid To Ask

We all want our lives to be easier! While everything might be hard, managing google ads accounts has become easy with Google MCC.
A My Client Center (MCC) is a Google AdWords tool that allows you to manage multiple accounts from one location. This is a great tool for agencies and large businesses with multiple accounts. This blog post will cover everything you need to know about Google MCC.

Mini Guide to a Perfect Landing Page for Dentists

Do you use Google Ads to bring in new patients for your dental practice?
You may not be getting the results you want unless you combine your ad with a well-designed dentistry landing page.
Digital marketers commonly use landing pages with PPC as they give higher conversion rates than a regular webpage.
This blog will teach you all you need to know about acing your landing page game.

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PPC Audit: Easy-to-Use Checklist Guide

Conducting a frequent audit for a customer is essential to ensure you’re getting the most out of their ad accounts, but it ain’t an easy job!
This is why a PPC audit is your solution. It is an assessment of a PPC campaign to identify how it can be improved to yield a higher return on investment.


How to Write an Effective PPC Proposal that Converts

Every developing agency knows the importance of first impressions in client acquisition and upselling activities. A PPC pitch for clients is often your first opportunity to attract new clients. This blog will teach you all you need to know about creating the perfect PPC proposal.


Easy Hacks to Lower Your Google Ads CPA

In the world of PPC, clicks can seem to be the cornerstone, but the clicks only tell you if people get to your content. It doesn’t specify whether or not they stayed.
That is why understanding CPA and how to apply it in your advertising campaigns is so important.
It’s the most accurate technique to assess your content’s conversion potential. Continue reading to find out more.


PPC Reporting With Google Data Studio

If you offer paid advertising as a service, PPC Reports are a must. However, they can be hard to create & a challenge to manage, mainly if your reports cover ads across various platforms.
Your PPC campaigns’ data is shown in real-time on a PPC dashboard. Automatic data collecting serves as a hub for your company & clients to track the progress of each campaign.


All about CNAME: A Beginner’s Guide

For individuals unfamiliar with technical concepts, CNAME in the domain name world can be confusing. A CNAME, often known as a “canonical name,” is a type of DNS record that enables you to connect one domain name to another. We’ll discuss what a CNAME record is and why it’s essential in this blog post.


Beta Testing: Type, Feature & Everything Else

Want to test your product before launching it? Then Beta testing is what you are looking for!
Beta testing tests a product or service before it is widely available to the general audience. A limited group of users is selected for their ability to offer feedback and spot issues. Beta tests have 5 types. Learn all about Beta testing in this blog.

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