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Learn the main reasons why your clients landing page is failing and what you can do to help them improve their results!

GriffSeptember 5, 2018
google ads proposal

PPC is riddled with jargon… Clicks, impressions, conversions – do you think your average client has any idea what all of this means?

GriffAugust 21, 2018
Google My Business and AdWords

Since Google’s launch of Google Ads in the year 2000 it has grown into a $95 billion advertising platform.

GriffJuly 25, 2018
agency sales

If you want more clients for your agency, it’s not going to just happen by itself.

GriffJuly 10, 2018
how to set up google analytics

Google Ads is an effective advertising tool for businesses of all sizes and has a bunch of built-in options for conversion tracking.

GriffJune 29, 2018
client acquisition

To grow your PPC agency you need a well-oiled approach to client acquisition; prospecting, persuading, persisting, closing and onboarding new clients.

GriffJune 12, 2018
ppc proposals

This post talks about the different PPC proposal types, what types of prospects they are for, and the pros and the cons of each approach.

GriffJune 5, 2018
How To Deal With Bad Clients

This article discusses how to deal with bad clients by providing a list of red flags that you can use as guideposts during your early interactions.

GriffMay 29, 2018
adwords conversion tracking

Deciphering Google’s help files often feels like reading Greek. All you really want to know is how to set up Google Ads conversion tracking, but now you feel like you need to be a technical expert to accomplish anything.

GriffMay 17, 2018
industry vertical

Choosing a focused industry vertical is something that many agency owners underestimate. They appreciate how alluring this approach can be for prospective clients.

GriffMay 1, 2018

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Kyle B.

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Clarence F.


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