What is Facebook Retargeting?

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the place to be for any business that is looking to get noticed by their potential customers. Retargeting on Facebook allows your clients to stay top of mind with their leads and prospects by showing them carefully designed ads that drive a bottom of the funnel action when they are thinking of making a decision.

Who is Facebook retargeting for?

  • Your clients that need to convert more of their website visitors into leads or sales
  • Your clients that want to show relevant ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Your clients that run service or ecommerce based businesses
  • Your clients that are selling a service that has a longer buying cycle
  • Your clients that have upsell opportunities

Who is Facebook retargeting not for?

  • Your clients that are looking to target specific keywords and interests
  • Your clients that are looking to target people actively searching a market
  • Your clients that have poor (or no) sales or lead follow up processes
  • Your clients that have slow response times to new leads.
  • Your clients that don’t have a steady stream of website traffic, such as Google Ads.


To run Facebook Retargeting for your clients we will need access to a Facebook Ads account with billing already set up. We will also need access to your client’s Facebook Page.

Starting at


per campaign, per month
One time onboarding fee starting at $250
Features Included
Bottom of Funnel - Remarketing Campaign
Call Tracking Number
Conversion Tracking Implementation
NinjaCat Dashboard
Monthly Automated Email Report
Monthly Optimizations
Facebook and Instagram Ad Placements
Ad Formats Accepted (Static, Video, Photo, Slideshows)

Unsure how many campaigns you would need? Submit a free proposal request and we’ll let you know.

Optional Add ons

Got some additional requirements that aren’t covered in the standard service? See our à la carte list below…

Features Pricing
Report Notes $50 p/m
Facebook Page Setup $200
Landing Page $300
Additional Remarketing Targets/Offers $100 p/m
Additional Remarketing Durations $35 p/m
Custom UTM Parameters Custom
Creation of Video & Photo Assets Custom

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