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InvisiblePPC Privacy Policy


Terms and Conditions


Non Disclosure Agreement

We require all partners to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is for your protection.  We go to great lengths to remain out of sight to your customers unless you specifically ask us not to.  We’re committed to this and we put it in writing for your protection.


Google Ads Security

We require you to set up two-Step Verification authentication on your Google Ads My Client Center (MCC) account to keep your account secure. Two-step authentication reduces the likelihood of successful hacking attempts. Any hacking to an account is not InvisiblePPC’s responsibility and needs to be addressed with Google.  Client accounts created by InvisiblePPC will have two-step authentication requirements enabled. We highly recommend you do so on your email access as well as Google prefers this. 


Client Communication

Communication exists between InvisiblePPC and you, our agency partner.  Any communication with your client is done via you, our agency partner. We encourage our partners to speak to their clients often and set a recurring schedule. 


Intellectual Property

All rights not expressly granted to Licensee under this Agreement are expressly reserved by Licensor and its licensors. Licensee shall not modify, remove or destroy any proprietary markings or confidential legends placed upon or contained within the Licensed Software, the Documentation, or any related materials. All copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, service marks, trade names, moral rights and other intellectual property and proprietary rights in the Licensed product shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Licensor or its licensors, as applicable. InvisiblePPC will take appropriate legal action against you to protect InvisiblePPC’s rights if you breach the provisions of this section.


Accounts We Manage

InvisiblePPC has outlined the Smart Niches we are currently serving.  If you have a client or prospect that does not fall into one of Smart Niches you may submit the client for a Smart Niche Beta.  If we accept the client into the beta, we’ll provide you the Smart Niche campaigns available to purchase.  If we do not accept the client into the beta, we’ll refer you to an independent contractor.  InvisiblePPC reserves the right to decline any client that do not feel our service is in their best interest.

Lead Handling

InvisiblePPC monitors calls data to ensure that tracking is working but the client is responsible for answering the phone, contacting lead form submissions and winning new business. InvisiblePPC does not listen to phone calls or review lead forms.


InvisiblePPC Communication & Availability
Your InvisiblePPC team is available from 9 to 5 EST for US and Canada and 9 to 5 GMT for UK, AU and NZ.

Communication Options
Our service includes your choice of monthly communication, either a 20 Minute Catch Up Call or Written Report Analysis + 5 Minute Video Update . If you need additional communication, you may:
● Add On Additional Communication Methods – see partner guide for options and pricing.
● Submit a Ticket – free (within reason). Tickets are our way of assisting our partners with quick, simple requests. If we receive excessive tickets requesting client information, you will be asked to hold your request for your scheduled call, swap your preferred communication to a monthly call or order an additional paid call to meet your needs. We want to communicate with you,
however, we are committed to focusing on what is best for the client. Excessive requests outside of our scheduled communications would take resource away from account management, which is not in the best interest of the client.

Response Times
When you submit a ticket, you’ll typically receive a response within 24 hours during business hours. Please understand that we do occasionally experience a high volume of requests, especially during the first week of each month, which can increase our response time to 48 hours. Please note that response time and resolution time are not the same thing. Although we try to resolve requests upon the first response, if you are requesting something requiring extensive time and/or outside of the scope of our
strategy, this can sometimes take a few days and may be billable.

Call Policy
All calls with InvisiblePPC must be held at a computer, with reliable internet and in an environment free of distraction. If we have connectivity issues, problems hearing you due to the background noise or similar, we will kindly ask that we reschedule the call so we can make it as productive and efficient as possible for everyone involved.

All our calls are recorded and access to the call recording will be provided to you. However, we strongly recommend you take detailed notes in case there is an issue with the call recording, which can happen.

Account Management
Account Build/Structure
InvisiblePPC uses set build structures, settings, ad copy, keywords and extensions depending on the niche and budget. The selection of these items are at the discretion of InvisiblePPC and are in the best interest for your client.

Location Extensions
To use Location extensions, the client must have a Google My Business (GMB) listing. Location extensions have become increasingly important. So important, that when Google recognizes a Google Ads account is related to a GMB account they will automatically link it! We encourage all clients to get a GMB account if they do not have one and if they do have one that the information is accurate and fully filled in. InvisiblePPC is not responsible for errors in location extensions where the data is pulled from a GMB account.

Minimum ad budgets we work with are documented in our Smart Niche list. Account budgets are paced based on a calendar month and not a billing cycle. Daily budgets will fluctuate based on performance, pacing and Google’s ad delivery frequency. It is common and acceptable that we pace high or low during the course of the month.

We try to adjust budgets and pace to make the full monthly budget last until the last day of the month. Due to fluctuating search volume and Google’s ability to overspend a daily budget, it is not uncommon for us to pause 2-3 days early. InvisiblePPC will not provide any sort of refund or concessions for running out of budget early. Your client has a budget that can afford a specific number of clicks per month. Whether the budget is spent in 25 days or 30 days, we’ve delivered the maximum number of clicks your client can afford.

If you submit a budget update, the budget update is assumed to apply to the current calendar month unless otherwise stated in the request. Example, if you increase the budget from $1000 to $2000 on October 15th, we will adjust budgets to spend $2000 in the calendar month of October.

Please be aware, If the budget is increased near the end of the month, we may be unable to meet a new budget based on the search volume available for the remainder of the month. If you decrease your budget mid month, please take into consideration that we’ve already spent budget so far this month. If the decrease is substantial, we may not have any budget left to spread out along the remainder of the month which will result in pausing campaigns.

Account Change Requests
InvisiblePPC will apply only the strategies and optimizations that are in the client’s best interest. If a change is requested that is not in the best interest of the account, we will not fulfill the request. We appreciate this may cause frustration, but it is what is best for the long-term success and happiness of your client.


Unauthorized Changes in Ad Account
We will not tolerate 3rd parties (partners, clients or other agencies) making changes in our ads accounts. If we discover changes made inside a managed account without our prior disclosure, there will be a warning issued on the first infraction. The second infraction will be billed a penalty fee equal to one month’s management and the third infraction will result in cancellation of the account.

We provide Agency and Client access to a performance dashboard. The performance dashboard is updated once daily, and is updated through the previous day. Same day data is only available by viewing the applicable vendor account. Included in each management package are automated reports. Reports are generated on the 1st of each month and report on the previous calendar month. You have the option to purchase a written performance analysis (check partner guide for pricing). This will be added to your report by the 7th business day of each month. The report can still be accessed prior to the analysis being added, and additional commentary added by you, the agency.

Landing Pages
Included in our service InvisiblePPC creates and tests landing pages in Unbounce using proven templates. These pages are owned by InvisiblePPC, not the advertiser. Should the advertiser with to purchase the page for other use, they may do so for a fee (see pricing guide). Unbounce pages can only be downloaded in Unbounce files which are not compatible to upload to any other systems. In order to use the page, the advertiser will need to have their own Unbounce account.

Third Party Tracking Implementation
If you wish to have third-party tracking implemented on your landing page, we can implement page view codes for $25 and conversion tracking for $75 per code.

Call Tracking
Our approved call tracking provider is CallTrackingMetrics. We do not accept any other providers. All clients get 1 local phone number forwarded to a landline included in their management fee. US phone numbers will also have calls forwarded to cell phones included.

Additional Charges
InvisiblePPC incurs additional costs for toll-free numbers and forwarding international numbers to mobile phones. Toll-free numbers incur a setup cost typically ranging from $25 to $75 and a monthly fee typically ranging from $10 to $15 depending on the country. You may request a custom quote for actual costs. These additional costs will be applied to your invoices.

Connectivity Issues
InvisiblePPC will troubleshoot connectivity issues within reason. We cannot troubleshoot third-party software and services (ie. client answering service causing an issue with connection) and will place you in touch directly with Call Tracking Metrics to troubleshoot in order to provide the quickest resolution.

Unanswered Calls
If your client does not answer their phone, that doesn’t mean a caller will automatically leave a message. No refunds issued for Call Tracking Metrics costs or clicks costs associated with unanswered calls.

Spam Calls
Anytime call tracking is utilized there is a chance that spam calls may occur. Your client is not charged by InvisiblePPC for these calls and these calls are not associated with clicks or click fees, as such no refunds are issued for Spam calls. Spam calls can be reported to InvisiblePPC who will then block the number and/or elect to purchase a new tracking number at no additional cost.

Call Tracking Testing
InvisiblePPC may at any time conduct test calls if we ever feel there may be an issue with call tracking. InvisiblePPC will not speak to your client and will hang up as soon as the call connects.

Onboarding and One Time Fees
Payment for Onboarding Fees and other one time fees are due at time the service is ordered and are non-refundable.

Monthly Management Fee
The first monthly management fee will be invoiced on 14 days after the account is onboarded and will recur monthly on that date. Monthly management fees are based on the client’s budget and not actual spend. Management fees will not be adjusted based on actual spend.

Management fees apply unless/until Agency has submitted an official request to pause or cancel
management. Due to the nature of optimizations and vendor fees associated with our management, a cancellation or pause mid billing cycle will not result in a refund of any type.

InvisiblePPC has a five day grace period policy for cancellations. If the “Effective Date” of cancellation (as indicated on the Client Cancellation Form) is within the five-day grace period indicated by the “date issued” and “date due” fields of the invoice, that invoice will be voided. If service is cancelled outside of the five-day grace period, full payment will be expected for that invoice.

We will discontinue our management, and consider cancelled, any account that has any recurring invoices are outstanding and past due by more than 21 days. Please note that when a stop-work order is put through our system, all Client campaigns will be paused, all access to reporting will be disabled, all landing pages purchased through us will be disabled and any call-tracking numbers will be disabled until the account becomes current. We reserve the right to turn all delinquent accounts over to a third-party
collections agency as well as report the delinquency to all applicable agencies (credit bureaus, better business bureau, etc.).

Account Cancellation and Pausing
All cancellation and pause requests must be submitted via cancellation form. These require 24 hours notice during business hours. Any requests submitted after business hours on Friday, over a weekend or holiday, with an effective date that falls on a non-business day, will be processed the next business  day. InvisiblePPC will not be responsible for spend over that time period.

Account Cancellation
A cancellation means InvisiblePPC will pause all campaigns, release all tracking numbers, unpublish all landing pages and the client will be removed from the reporting dashboard. Please make sure you download any reports you require prior to the cancellation date. Account exports are provided upon request but accounts will not be released. Landing pages exports can be purchased for a fee (please see your partner guide for pricing), but keep in mind that the export is only compatible when uploading into an Unbounce account.

Account Pause
We allow account pauses to accommodate seasonality, investment re-evaluation, extended vacations and the like. A pause means InvisiblePPC will pause all campaigns. All call tracking numbers, landing pages and the reporting dashboard will be preserved. The monthly pause fee is $30 to cover costs associated with our vendors.

Client Running their Own Account
If the client or agency partner wishes to run ads on their own, please submit a cancellation request. A download of the account will be provided upon request which they can then upload into their own Google Ads account.

We Want to Help Save Your Clients
InvisiblePPC does not have contract terms, but we recommend that our partners do so that in the event a client wants to cancel, so we may be able to help in saving the client. We recommend 30-day notice for all cancellations from Client to you the Agency, to allow us to assist with save attempts.

Google Policies
Account is Down due to payment method
Google will stop running ads in account if there is an issue with the payment method on file. InvisiblePPC is not responsible for or able to resolve billing issues.

Account Under Review
Google may, at its discretion, place any account “under review”. During this period (typically 1 to 3
business days) ads will not be eligible to run. Unfortunately, InvisiblePPC is not able to expedite this
process. These reviews are typically related to billing verification and is for the safety of your client.

Overspend Policy
One of Google’s Ads policies allows Ads to spend up to 200% of the daily budget each day. This policy in additional to delayed reporting makes it easy to spend over a set daily budget. Although InvisiblePPC has tools in place and make many adjustments during the course of a month to ensure we stay within the monthly budget, InvisiblePPC is not responsible for overspend up to 20% over account budget because of this policy.

Multiple Clients/Single Account
Only one website can be advertised per individual Google Ads account. Any accounts that have multiple web properties being advertised will be broken up into separate accounts and treated as individual Clients for management, reporting and billing purposes.

Prohibited Content
Google restricts and/or prohibits advertising of various products and services such as prescription drugs, firearms, counterfeit goods, etc. Google can update this list at any time. If we determine that a client is no longer able to advertise due to this policy, we let our agency partners know immediately.

Account or Ads Down Due to Policy Issues
Google may stop running ads in an account due to a policy issue with ads, landing page, website, content, service/product restrictions, etc. Their policies are updated frequently and often without announcement. It is also not uncommon for ads to disapproved incorrectly and InvisiblePPC will work with Google to resolve. Although extremely uncommon, if we are unable to resolve the policy issue, InvisiblePPC will try our best to find an alternative solution such as a new service, platform, landing page, etc. In the event another solution is not available, InvisiblePPC will terminate the client effective immediately.

Unfortunately not every client will be eligible to participate in Remarketing. Google has clear privacy policies related to cookieing remarketing audiences. InvisiblePPC is not responsible should your client not be eligible to run remarketing. We urge you to become familiar with Google’s policies here:





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"It’s particularly crucial for us that we can trust our client’s campaigns into their hands without having to check in to the accounts to ensure everything is okay – we know they’ve got it covered, and their reporting is comprehensive and punctual. We’d highly recommend InvisiblePPC."

Camilla W.

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"I've been working with the InvisiblePPC team for 4 years now and I am very happy. We met the team at a seminar, liked what we heard and started a conversation with them. We were happy to see that their processes and quality of work matched our own (and they were able to grow with us). Now, they manage ALL of our Google Ads clients and we're happy that they do."

Kyle B.

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"InvisiblePPC has been an invaluable resource for my agency for years. They provide us with the best consultation, implementation and reporting that I've ever experienced with an outsourced provider. InvisiblePPC gets results so we look like heroes to our clients."

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