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Your Agency’s Trusted Partner Flying The Flag For Client Retention

We know that retaining clients and keeping them happy is the number one priority for your agency. You work hard to acquire and onboard clients, so keeping them is high priority. After all, short-term clients are like throwing money out the window.

Keeping clients happy means being data focused. We don’t just make promises, we create goals.

Promoting client retention

Founded in 2010 we know a thing or two about keeping clients

Client retention is the backbone of every business, regardless of the agency. We’ve learned it’s impossible to keep everyone but experience has taught us what most businesses are looking for. Our aim is to build on this knowledge and produce the optimal experience every time. We’re not just an outsourcer, we’re your partner.

Our valued agency partners stay with us for years

We understand what it means to listen to our agency partners. Your input and needs are paramount to our relationship. The feedback from our community is what we rely upon to make sure that our service continues to improve. After all, as you grow, we grow!

Keeping Your Clients Happier for Longer

With our premier support features and client retention knowledge, our aim is to help you keep your clients happier for longer.

Our approach centers around quantifiable goals, data analysis, technical expertise and process-driven practices — things clients can see, track and understand. We address concerns with answers that make you look like a pro every time, no matter what your PPC skill level and experience is.

Customer satisfaction
AdWords customer satisfaction
Advanced AdWords support
Happy Adwords customers
PPC services done right

“InvisiblePPC have been the proprietors of many of my client’s success. Their knowledgeable team has helped me and my clients gain a superior understanding of how Google AdWords can transform a business. They manage upwards £50,000 of ad spend each month for my most valued client and have helped us not only smash the cost per lead targets set, but have helped double my clients’ revenue last year alone. As an agency, they make offering AdWords solutions to my clients simple and efficient”

Griff the InvisiblePPC Man

Anonymous Griff

Head Of Client Services, Valued UK Agency Partner

Google Premier Partners Helping You Take The Technical Lead

Use our relationships to your advantage. From beta features to specialized strategic planning, we’ll give you all of the technical capabilities you need to stand out from the crowd.

Google Beta programs

Google AdWords platform

Experience the benefits of AdWords beta programs before regular accounts are invited. Being able to show that you have access to exclusive beta programs makes you appear more reliable and experienced in your client’s eyes.

Live Training Workshops

Google AdWords icon

Get exclusive access to our live training workshops with Google! They join us in presentations on stage to share insights and knowledge on agency growth, as well as future product information to assist our agency partners in scaling their business.

Premier Partner Support

Google AdWords

Being part of the InvisiblePPC team means sharing in the benefits of our Google Premier Partner status. You’ll get access to new product insights, a team trained in up and coming techniques by Google themselves and top-tier Google premier partner support.

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Helping You Scale Your Agency Quicker

You’ll never need to worry about hiring more people when you bring on new accounts. We’ll expand with you so you never have to.

Google AdWords call tracking

No Overheads, Hiring Or Staffing Costs

Your advanced PPC resources

Stop Wearing All Of The Hats, Start Specializing

Getting back to sales and operations

Focus On What Matters Most To Your Agency

Knowing Your Reputation Matters Most

Your reputation is who is you are. Our practices are always ethical, proactive and in your best interest.

Help with AdWords in real time

Your Team Is 100% Native To Your Country

We know it’s important to have native speakers managing your accounts. We employ people around the world to make sure we can provide you with the most capable fulfillment team possible.

Google AdWords certified pros

We’re Certified So You Don’t Have To Be

We only take on the best PPC staff to manage your client accounts. All our account managers go through a series of tests and training just to get through the door. Each one of them is Google certified, so you don’t need to be.

Oldest white label PPC firm

Most Established White Label Agency

Other agencies generally don’t concentrate on PPC, never mind white label PPC. We are the largest dedicated white label PPC company in the business. This means you get the best mix of knowledge when it comes to both PPC and white labeling.

“We met the InvisiblePPC team at a seminar, liked what we heard and started a conversation with them. We were happy to see that their processes and quality of work matched our own and they were able to grow with us. We started moving clients over to them and were very pleased with the work. Now, they manage ALL of our Google AdWords clients and we’re happy that they do.”


Kyle B.

CEO, Valued US Agency Partner

Protecting Your Margins

We know the bottom line is your bottom line. At the end of the day, profitability rules your world. We’ll always go above and beyond to give you the best options.


The most cost effective agency in the white label industry


Month to month billing - no long term contracts


Cut overheads, hiring and staffing costs

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So, How Does It All Work?

AdWords proposal

Need Help Winning PPC Clients?

Whether your prospect is new to your agency or new to PPC, we will provide you with white labeled PPC presale support to present as your own and help you close the deal. For prospects new to Google AdWords, send over the details and receive a market analysis, allowing you to set realistic expectations on potential costs, traffic and leads.

Client already using Google AdWords? We will audit and review the account to highlight opportunities for growth and improvement in a ready to brand presentation.

When you’re looking to grow your PPC sales expertise or get assistance on a sales call with an experienced client, we have the additional resources to help bring your agency to that next level.

You’ve Closed A Deal, Congrats! Let’s Get This Started.

We know how important it is to get a client on-boarded quickly and accurately. To expedite the process we have developed efficient systems to make outsourcing your client onboard as smooth and simple as possible.

Every new client starts with our onboarding form. From that point, we set up all the necessary tracking, from calls to website leads, needed to measure the goals and success of your client campaign. We’ll then have a brief call to review and finalize the details and campaign launch date.

After each onboarding call, we’ll set everything up in an AdWords account owned by you or the client for total transparency, but also keep you up to date in order to keep your client in the loop as well.

AdWords account set up
AdWords reporting

Confidence In Pay Per Click Results!

We know that a successfully outsourced AdWords campaign must deliver results to both your agency and your client. That’s why we developed a responsible management system that delivers, on top of the results you are already bringing to your clients.

The InvisiblePPC management process is greater than any single freelancer or virtual assistant. Our team uses proprietary tools to perform advanced analytical optimizations on your accounts.

While you are busy growing your agency, our team is looking at your client’s account for proactive ways to grow, scale and improve the campaigns. Let our AdWords team provide suggestions to make you look like the experts in your client’s eyes.

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