Experience Matters for Growing Agencies

Agencies don’t need to do it alone – that’s why, 12 years ago, IPPC made it our mission to be the partner agencies need to wow their clients and grow their agency. Our team of experts have been compiling years of data across 60+ niches and know EXACTLY what you need to crush your targets.

Our Core Values

Be Better, Faster, & More Efficient than Yesterday:

If it can be done, IPPC commits to finding better and more efficient ways to deliver for your clients. As a results driven partner, it’s our commitment to get you the highest quality results for the lowest possible price.

Committed to Our Team’s Personal & Professional Growth:

People matter! Hard stop.
At IPPC we’re committed to consistently up-levelling our team’s skills and working directly with them so they find the perfect work-life harmony. Business impacts life, and life impacts business – that’s why we want a community of team members who are committed to growth (and fun).

Treat Our Client’s Business Like Our Own:

Everyone at IPPC recognizes that they are an extension of your agency and we take this seriously. We’re committed to your growth and your client’s success. Every campaign, ad, and piece of copy is looked at as if we were running it for IPPC – so every campaign get’s that extra special attention.

Be open, honest, and hungry team players:

Whether we’re working together or working with you, we’re committed to open and honest communication. If you have a great idea, communicate it. If something is off, communicate it. We don’t sugar coat results or hide things and wait until it gets better.

Meet The Team

When you become an IPPC partner you get access to an entire team of ad specialists, designers, copywriters, & auditors. Here are some of the faces you’ll be seeing along the way.

JR Mateo

Account Manager
Fave Superhero: Thor
From working on behalf of Google, JR started as an Account Strategist working with hundreds of local businesses and helping them optimize their Google Ads. He has a solid 7 years of background in Marketing and hands on with Google Ads when it comes sto Local Search Ads. If you are working with JR, you know your client is getting the best. JR loves fiddling with new technologies and different marketing strategies during his free time.

John Hernaez

Account Manager
Fave Superhero: Capt. America
A former Google employee with several years in Digital Marketing. John has been with IPPC for almost 2 years now, sharing his expertise in Digital Marketing, focusing on PPC advertising. He is committed to delivering superb service to clients and sharing successful strategies towards great results.


Account Manager
Fave Superhero: Batman
With a background of +3 years in digital marketing, she has worked with international clients from various countries, demonstrating expertise in paid marketing strategies. An extrovert with a touch of humor, she loves solo backpacking, traveling, recording moments, and sharing experiences through videos. Her hobbies also include playing basketball, creating YouTube content, and savoring restful sleep.

Nikita Yadav

Billing Specialist
Fave Superhero: Dr. Strange
An efficient accounting professional with 6+years of work experience in performing billing and collection, Account Receivable, Recording payments and Reconciliation of books. Well-versed in accurately coding different type of billings for clear record keeping, tracking payment and chasing then when needed. Having proven track record of optimizing cash flow, reducing code, driving efficiency, and integrity in financial by analyzing in depth, resolving complex accounting, reporting and regulatory issues.

Anna lbay

Partnership Manager
Fave Superhero: Black Widow
Anna Ibay has been in sales & marketing for 20+ years. She comes from the optical industry where she built strong relationships, and many sales presentations for eyecare professionals. Anna sold the most eyewear frames in 10 mins on QVC!
During her downtime, you can find her golfing, skiing or sailing and is known for her award-winning chilli & matzo ball soup

Chin Kulkarni

Head of Marketing Operations
Fave Superhero: Batman
Taking over the COO role at Invisible PPC is just the fuel that feeds the inner hyper-organiser in Chin. Working her way managing big client accounts with hundreds of thousands in Ad Spend, Chin brings in advanced tech-stacks and systems to optimise even the smallest of processes. With vast experience in driving cross-functional teams and client-relationships across the globe, Chin is delighted to be at your service.

Justin Rondeau

Fave Superhero: Iron Man
Justin has been doing this whole “Marketing” thing since 2010, when he was mildly […okay maybe more than mildly] obsessed with all things, data, email, optimization, and split testing.
He’s trained thousands of marketers, spoken on hundreds of stages, runs a delightful team of marketers, has dozens of shirts louder than his voice, and loves one hockey team: the Boston Bruins.

Avi Kumar

Chief Wizard & CEO
Fave Superhero: Deadpool
Avi took the Engineering Route to Marketing. He loves proving that all marketing is Scientific and not black magic. He is obsessed with finding efficient ways of doing things. He started at 17 from improving how to “Holystone” ship’s wooden decks efficiently as an apprentice on ships!

PPC Ads Specialist

Fave Superhero: Invisible Man
Our team of account specialists are responsible for running and managing your ads each and every day. This team of ad experts is obsessed with getting you the most conversions at the lowest possible price.


Fave Superhero: Invisible Man
Our team of graphic designers are trained specifically to create you the highest converting landing pages and ad creative. They’ve designed for over 60+ niches and know what makes people click & convert.

PPC Ads Auditors

Fave Superhero: Invisible Man
Account health changes over time, which is why we’ve invested in a team of account auditors to make sure everything is running smoothly. This team of bloodhounds will seek out any and all areas of opportunity, ensuring the best possible return on investment.


Fave Superhero: Invisible Man
We have a deep copywriter bench filled with professionals who have specialized in ppc ad and landing page copy. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but 10 words from this team will get you the clicks and conversions you need.

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