Developer in a Box


Dev in a Box

A full time marketing development team
for agencies at a fraction of the cost

Agencies don’t have an idea problem, they have an execution problem…

…and when things get technical that problem just gets worse!

Our hand-picked development team can handle all of your marketing development needs. Letting you focus on WHAT needs to get done not HOW to do it.

Meet Caleb…

He had some development problems - now he doesn’t!

Your Dev-in-a-Box Will:

Take on Your Projects with Tight Turnaround

When you have specific projects that need to be done, our team of experts will get you exactly what you want quickly. We specialize in shipping quality without sacrificing speed. You just need to:
  • Submit your project
  • Answer any follow ups
  • Approve for launch
This happens in a matter of days…not weeks.

Solve Your Technical Problems (Even the ones you don’t know about yet)

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re not a developer – you have an idea of your technical needs…but you don’t know what you don’t know.
Your dev is a highly trained fullstack developer who has been there and done that – and will uncover opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Keep an Eye on Dev Operations

Even when there are no big projects, the team is focused on making sure everything is running smoothly and there are no tech surprises, your dev will:
  • Manage integrations
  • Keep your site and plugins up-to-date
  • Monitor site speed
  • Manage 37+ other development health activities

Want Dev Help?

Use Our Team to Handle All of your Internal Marketing Operations & Development

You Dream It, The Team Does It

Dev-in-a-Box Can Manage:

Dev-in-a-Box Is

An Entire Development Team At 1/3 of the Cost!

The average full stack developer salary costs $98,000...and that's before you Add all the other costs like tech & benefits

Languages & Platforms

Frontend: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, jQuery
Backend: PHP
Database: MySQL
Platforms: WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Highlevel
Need something special? Contact us and we can recruit the talent you need!

How the Program Works?

Dev-in-a-Box Program

Marketing Dev for Agencies
$ 3,000
/ Month
  • 40 hours of development work per week
  • Primary Developer
  • Support Development Team
  • Frontend Dev Work
  • Backend Dev Work
  • Database Work
  • DevOps