Agency Lead Ads

Facebook Ad Management For Agencies

Facebook Ads designed to send your agency niche-specific leads.
We send ‘em & you close them!

Agency Facebook Ad Management Includes:
  • Proven High-Performing Creative & Ad Copy: We know the creative that works and will build this out for you
  • Video Editing: You’re going to need video assets to stand out. We’ll take any existing footage and edit on our end.
  • Video Script Guidance & Consultation: Don’t know what to say in your video ads? We’ll support you with our high converting scripts.
  • Lead Integration to Your CRM: We’ve got to get those leads out of Facebook for you to start working. You tell us where you want them to go and we’ll send them!
  • Continued Management of Account: This isn’t a “set and forget” Facebook ads require time and attention. When you’re working with us, you don’t need to worry about driving the leads, just focus on closing them.
  • Lead Quality Monitoring: Not all leads are created equal, we’ll keep an eye on them and adjust campaigns accordingly.

Plans Starting at $995/month

(We do require a setup fee of $1,485)

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