PPC Competitive Report

PPC Competitive Intelligence Report

White Label Google PPC Competitive Report to Close More Local PPC Deals

What’s included:
  • A list of active advertisers in your specific niche and locations…
  • Which advertisers are dominating and which ones need a little help…
  • The EXACT ads they’re running so you can learn how to stand out…
  • Ad frequency to help you uncover when you can get a competitive advantage
All in a White Label report you can hand off to clients and prospects!

How It Works

1. Pick Your Niche

We have 64 niches to choose from. Don’t see yours, contact us to request your niche.

2. Set Your Location

Which states, cities, or counties do you want us to monitor? Maximum of 3

3. Pick Your Timeline

We recommend letting us gather data for 7 days, but if you’re in a crunch we can get it in 3.

4. Give us Your Logo

We want this report to be 100% white label so we’ll need your company name and logo.

5. Check Your Inbox

Your completed report will be sent to your inbox in 3 or 7 days depending on your selected timeline.

Our Niches

Choose from one of these pre-approved niches for us to start your report immediately.
Don’t See Yours? CONTACT US to Request Your Niche

Get Your Google PPC Competitive Report TODAY

What’s Included:
  • Competitive Intelligence from Live Searches for your Niche & Location
  • Advertiser Report
  • Visibility Report
  • Ad Creative Report
  • Ad Frequency & Schedule Report
  • Keyword Report
  • White Label PDF to Share with Clients
  • Access to Dashboard to Drill Down on Report Details 
Depending on your selected timeline, please allow 3 to 7 days for report delivery


It’s easy. Once you purchase your report, you’ll be directed to a form to give us your key details:
  1. The Niche
  2. The Locations (Max 3)
  3. Monitor Timeline: 3 or 7 Days
  4. Your Company Name & Logo
Once that’s completed, we’ll begin gathering the data. Once completed, you’ll get access to the report as a PDF.
After purchase, you’re given the option for us to gather data for 3 or 7 days. Once we’ve gathered all of the data, we’ll send your report to you immediately.
No – the beauty of this is you don’t need access to any Google Accounts to gather this data. We can get you all of these data points without access to your Google Ads account or your prospect’s Google Ads account.
If your niche isn’t listed, you’re not out of luck. Just CONTACT US and let us know what niche you’d like us to monitor and we’ll let you know if we can do it!