PPC Boost

Win More Clients & Keep Them Longer with PPC Boost

PPC Boost couples technology and research to target better keywords and better performance for Google Ad campaigns

What is PPC Boost?

PPC Boost is designed to find the highest leverage opportunities in a Google Ad Account. Each boost includes a team of our experts running…
  • A detailed PPC Audit (report + checklist included)
  • Manual account optimizations
  • Applying insights from our patent pending keyword selection tool
These tools are specifically designed to guarantee a boost in paid performance in as soon as 14 days!

How Your Agency Can Use a PPC Boost

Offer as a Free Audit to Win New Clients

Sell Individually as an Entry Point Offer

Expand Current Clients to PPC Management

Who Qualifies for PPC Boost?

Not Every Google Ads account qualifies for boost. Here are the baseline requirements:
  • Must have 30 days worth of Google PPC data
  • Tracking must be set up and validated
  • Must not be ecommerce
  • Your client/prospect’s account is in your MCC
If the account meets the above criteria, then we can get started once we’re granted access.
“PPC Boost is your ultimate shortcut to not only attracting a client but Wow-ing them once you’ve brought them onboard. Add this to your sales pitch and let us do the work for you”
– Justin Rondeau, President & Co-owner

PPC Boost Pricing

  • Account strategy brief
  • 7 section detailed ad audit
  • 61-point prescriptive checklist
  • Manual improvements by our ad experts
  • Keyword selection optimization
  • Performance report to share with your client

Regular Price


IPPC Agency Partner Price

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Great News!

If you close your client & have us manage the account, the audit investment will be credited to your InvisiblePPC account
Just need help with a Google Ad audit? Learn about our audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

3 to 5 business days. A business day defined as Monday to Friday 9pm – 5pm. If your request is received after 5pm it will be counted as being received on the next business day.

Important – in order for us to complete the audit, we’ll need access to the prospect’s account. Once we have access to your MCC, your audit will be ready in 3 business days.

PPC Boost is a 30-day engagement starting from the first day we receive the needed access to run our audit and optimizations. In most cases improvements can be seen within 14 days.
Our audit’s are solely based on current performance and are meant to highlight areas of improvement. It will not cover all future potential changes and will not speculate on CPA/CPL improvements.

Only active Google Ad accounts with 30 days of data and a spend of $1,000 per month.

We do not accept AdWords Express accounts or ecommerce companies

Once your audit request is received we’ll need the following details to complete the audit:
  • Access to your MCC
  • Prospect/client account in your MCC
  • Your MCC ID Number
  • Admin access to Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
  • Your Client Google Ad ID Number
  • Account active for last 30 days
  • Minimum monthly spend of $1000
Easy! If you’re an agency with active clients and want our Google Ad experts to run your ads for you, you just need to set up a 30-minute call with a member of the Partnerships Team.
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