PPC Performance Benchmarks for the Body Shops Auto Service Niche

Looking to get your Auto Body Shops going in the right direction? We’ve got you covered!
After analyzing numerous accounts and crunching some numbers, we have come up with key PPC benchmarks like
  • Estimate CPA
  • Min Budget
  • Remarketing
  • Keyword
  • Recommended offers, etc
all designed to help improve campaign performance for maximum results. Ready… Set … Succeed!

We’ve successfully managed PPC Ads for Auto Body Shops over the last 12 years!

White Label PPC Management for Auto Body Shops

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Why we’ve had so much success managing White Label PPC campaigns for Auto Body Shops

Internal Keyword Database & First Party Data

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Proven Ad Copy & Ad Creative

Ready to reach a new level of success? Let us help get you there! Our years’ worth of experience create captivating PPC ads and copy designed for maximum impact.
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High Converting Landing Page Templates & Copy

LPs of Auto Body Shop
Take your auto body shop clients’ leads and sales to the next level with our conversion-driven landing pages!
Our tried and tested templates have been proven time after time – make every click count by promoting business through a custom high converting landing page design.
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LPs of Auto Body Shop

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White Label PPC Management For Auto Body Shops

PPC Niche BenchMarks