Issue #117: #1 Ad Testing Tip


If I had a nickel for the number of times someone asked, “How long should I run this ad test for?” Well, I’d have a lot of nickels.

The thing is—that’s the wrong question. The real focus should be on whether the test is worth running and if you’re likely to get useful, measurable results.
Why The Timeline Question Misses The Point
Here’s why asking about timelines might lead you down the wrong path:
1. Results Are What Matter
  • The goal of testing is not to simply run an ad for a set period but to collect enough meaningful data to inform your decisions. It’s about finding out if something is driving results or if it’s just noise.
2. The “Worth It” Factor
  • Before you set your test running, you need to know if it’s going to give you meaningful insights. If the expected impact is minimal, then the test itself may not be worth your time and budget.
  • Pro Tip: Assess the minimum level of impact that makes a test valuable. If it’s not hitting that benchmark, re-evaluate your strategy.
3. Understanding the Metrics That Matter
  • What results are you actually looking for? Are you measuring conversions, clicks, or something else? Without clear metrics, the timeline becomes irrelevant.
  • Pro Tip: Define your key metrics before the test starts, so you can quickly assess whether it’s successful.
So, the next time someone asks, “How long should I run a test?”, remember that starting with a timeline isn’t the best guide. It’s all about setting the test parameters, knowing the required sample size, and running the test for the time required to meet the sample size.
DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT run tests without a stopping point. Set an end date and stick to it.
Free Tool: Testing Significance Calculator
Need a way to measure the significance of your test results? Check out this Testing Significance Calculator.
It helps you determine whether your test results are statistically significant, allowing you to decide whether it’s worth running a test or if you should pivot. Use it to validate your current tests or plan for future ones.
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