Issue #8: #1 Reason Businesses Fail & What to Do

Last week’s issue was a little longer than normal, so I’ll keep this week quick and to the point! Let’s dive in…

📈 Biz Tip: If Cash is King, then Cash Flow is the Emperor

Cash flow issues are the #1 reason small businesses fail. I’ve seen that there are three root causes

  1. Not enough customers: You need a repeatable & reliable acquisition engine (avoid feast or famine)
  2. Not charging enough: You’ve got to price accordingly! We addressed this in last week’s webinar dedicated to agency pricing. (Link to recording)
  3. Collecting new shiny objects: companies love new tools, but these can really cost you! Have a goal for each tool before you sign that next SaaS contract.

✉️ Marketing Tip:

Landing pages make or break marketing campaigns. If you’re having difficulty getting traction in your acquisition funnel, this is a good place to start working.

Here are 300+ mobile landing pages that will get the creative marketing juices flowing.

🎉 Bonus: Get more leads for your local clients through chat!

As a member of the IPPC community – our connections become YOUR connections.

The other day I was talking with Ted DeBettencourt, Co-founder of Juvo Leads about lead generation through chat.

I made a special deal with Ted to give you an extended 30-day trial. You can set up time to chat with his team by clicking here.

If you’re interested in using chat services – make sure to book time using this link, you’ll get set up with special pricing 🙂

Talk to you next week,

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