Issue #100: 100 issues thanks to YOU


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We made IT!
Yes, we’ve finally hit the Blink-100 and the journey to this century edition couldn’t have been complete without you!
Blink Turns 100: The Blink-100 Rewind That You Don’t Want To Miss
Writing a newsletter every week for two years takes a lot of effort. So hitting this milestone has been equal parts difficult and absolutely amazing.
This week, I wanted to highlight the top 5 newsletters that really resonated with our readers.
So without further ado, here are the 5 Best Blinks of 2023 that are still as valuable and essential for your agency as they were when you first read them:
1. Referrals made your client lazy [Issue #52]: This one was all about articulating your lead gen. expectations to a client who has just switched away from the agency referral system. And letting them know how you can exceed these expectations in the discovery call phase only, which still holds true to this date.
2. PPC Landing Page Framework [Issue #97]: Landing pages are the life and soul of PPC management and if your agency feels that they can still make the cut without them, well, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. From structured page flow and mobile-friendly landing pages to glowing testimonials for social credibility, we covered it all.
3. Hold Up! Don’t spend your money on ChatGPT courses yet [Issue #54]: We debunked the myths of so-called ChatGPT “experts” on the internet. Given how Large Language Models in AI are still a work in progress, more and more allies (or rivals) of ChatGPT are springing up, and Google’s Gemini AI promising to change the game, so it’s better to flirt around with these things just yet.
4. Super Shiny Object Syndrome-Do You Have It? [Issue #55]: Quality top-of-funnel leads, we all need them. This Blink delves into leveraging a tried and tested strategy of promoting ungated content with in-line CTAs followed by gated content to build a retargeting audience. Your ultimate goal is to retargeting these audiences to deeper funnel offers. And it works, almost EVERY TIME.
5. On my mind: What makes a great homepage? [Issue #53]: First impressions always count and it couldn’t be much truer for a great homepage. Crystal clear communication should be the first on your list for lasting homepage impressions. Convince and connect with your audience as to why you are important to them and then follow up with multiple CTAs, and diverse and engaging forms of media to transform that traffic into leads and sales.
And that’s that! If you read these already…hopefully they’re a timely reminder. And if it’s the first time you’re seeing them, you’re welcome 🤣.
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Wishing you a great and successful 2024 and thanks for sticking with us for so long. We appreciate it.
Talk to you in the New Year,
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard