Issue #45: 200k leads and counting

This is the perfect issue for folks that are working on a content strategy for their business or their client’s business. Let’s jump into it!
🥅 Marketing Tip: Content for Traffic or for Leads? Why not Both?!
In the red corner we have the SEOs – they want their pillar content to exist gate free to maximize organic ranking for their content leading to more traffic over time.
In the blue corner we have the demand gen marketers – they want high quality content behind a gate to transform site traffic into marketable leads.
These two camps tend to be at odds with each other…when they can both achieve their desired end result if they just do one, simple, thing:
The Hybrid Gate
Step 1: Publish the piece of pillar content, in its entirety
Step 2: Add inline CTAs through out the content – generally in the middle and at the end.
Step 3: Make the CTA “Do you want a copy of this?” – go ahead and wordsmith as you see fit
Step 4: Add in an event triggered pop with the same CTA, exit intent, scroll depth, or time on page + scroll work best.
Step 5: Watch the piece of content drive more traffic and more leads
This method has generated over 200k leads over the last 3 years across the companies we’ve worked with…and with average Facebook CPL in 2022 coming in at 19.68 (per Wordstream) that content is doing some serious heavy lifting.
⚠️ December Live Training: There isn’t one!
We know everyone is busy wrapping up 2022 and doesn’t need another event on their calendar. That’s why we’re not doing a live training this month. We’ve already got some great guests slotted for Q1 so make sure to keep the 11 am central on the third Thursday of every month blocked!
For our Insiders & Partners, office hours is still happening on Wednesday, December 14 in the Agency Insider Portal.
Talk to you next week,
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