Issue #21: 4 Steps to Building Your LinkedIn Audience

This week’s issue is about my favorite social media platform: LinkedIn. Let’s dive in!
⭐ Marketing Tip: How to make your content stand out on LinkedIn
There isn’t a better network out there for professionals looking to learn and connect with other professionals than LinkedIn.
Whether you love the platform or hate it, LinkedIn is a force in the B2B community.
The problem is…unless you have a massive personal brand, it’s so hard to stand out on the platform. So how can you stand out? Do this:
  1. Post consistently throughout the week, at least 3-4 times.
  2. Engage with 10 people in your network daily. Don’t just react to their content either. You need to start commenting and building meaningful dialog.
  3. Use relevant & ideal hashtags on your posts to get more exposure.
  4. Provide value & have an opinion! Nobody wants to interact with hollow content. You need to earn interactions. Be generous with your content and take a stance.
This all sounds much easier than it actually is. But if you’re trying to grow your reach on the platform, you’re going to need to put in the work.
The best time to start growing your brand on LinkedIn was 6 months ago…but the second-best time is today.
You have three options if you want to stay lean and maintain wide margins:
🧰 Free Tool: Hashtag Analytics!!!
Finding the right hashtags on LinkedIn can be…tough…
You should only use 3-5 relevant hashtags MAX and you need to make sure you’re picking complementary hashtags that aren’t overly competitive.
Sure, a hashtag with a million followers sounds great, but that just means your content is going to get lost in a sea of similar content!
So how do you do it? Get a robust hashtag analytics tool!
Our friends at FiltPod have you covered. This FREE hashtag tool shows you the follower count on hashtags, number of likes based on the top 20 posts, and number of comments on the top 20 posts, and monitors hashtags with rapid follower growth.
If you’re putting in the hard work posting content on LinkedIn, you need a tool like this to maximize your reach.
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Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard