Issue #91: A Decade of Ad Wisdom + Your Essential Setup Checklist!

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This week I’ve got the lessons learned from setting up thousands of ad campaigns, a 130-point Google Ads setup checklist, AND a sweet deal for InvisiblePPC Partners! Let’s do it…out of the gate.
🧑‍🏫 Lessons From 12 Years of Setting Up Ads
Recently, I shared I walked 100 marketing agencies through our battle-tested Ad Setup Checklist. This 130-step checklist has everything you need to be confident with your next ad launch…and it’s yours!
But before I go and give you the link, I wanted to share a few lessons we’ve learned from thousands of Google Ad setups.
Lesson 1: You’ve Got to Know the Business
We joke with clients and say that we want to understand their business in a way that we could build our own competing business.
While we’d never actually do that, the point is we do believe you need to 100% understand the business needs, goals, and targets to have a successful ad campaign. This is why our checklist starts with business-focused questions to remind you to get that data.
Lesson 2: Setup Fundamentals are Overlooked by Most Agencies
Like any discipline, it all comes down to the fundamentals. Most agencies mess this up and it really ends up hurting them along the way. I can’t tell you how many accounts we take over where critical things like CONVERSION TRACKING weren’t set up correctly.
If you miss on these, your client is going to be leaving quickly, fast, and in a hurry.
Lesson 3: Naming Conventions Are The Way
Proper naming conventions will tell you a lot about your account. Everyone should be able to convey the business name, account specialist working the account, campaign type, campaign name, and date it started.
Lesson 4: Even the Most Experienced Advertisers Need a Checklist
It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running ads, if you don’t have a mechanism to check your work you’re going to miss something. There’s a reason pilots of all experiences still use the same before-flight checklist – because at any point there’s a chance for system failure or user error.
Whether you’re the Ad Wizard or it’s a member of your team, use a checklist and save yourself from headaches later.
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