Issue #1: A “Must Open” Email

Did you know asking your list to open an email DRAMATICALLY increases the open rate?
Well, it worked on you 🙂 …this is your marketing bonus tip of the week!
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This week’s biz tip: Instead of the task list, allocate time on the calendar for each task. This will force you to give everything the time it deserves at the same time preventing spending too much time on a single task.
Brand Keywords in Ads: Save Money, when running Search ads, always have a campaign with brand keywords and use negative keywords for Brand keywords in all other campaigns. This will catch the Brand name clicks at low cost and prevent expensive clicks with phrase matching Brand + Keyword.
Surprise bonus: Curious about what was the number one additional white-label service beyond PPC ads agencies want? Facebook Ads. Watch your email announcement in early Feb.
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard