Issue #90: Agencies aren’t miracle workers

1️⃣ Rule #1: Don’t Take Desperate Clients
The worst thing you can do for your agency is to bring on a client where everything needs to work perfectly out of the gate.
The simple fact about marketing is that wins aren’t guaranteed and quick wins for that client who desperately needs it are near impossible.
Maybe you really want to help…or maybe you need the business too. Whatever the case is, this relationship will be messy and short-lived.
Here’s why:
Unrealistic Expectations: Desperate clients often come with a predefined set of expectations that are hard, if not impossible, to meet. These expectations can range from demanding more leads within a week to expecting a dramatic surge in website traffic overnight.
Increased Pressure on Your Team: The pressure to deliver instant results can strain your team, leading to rushed campaigns, overworked staff, and ultimately, a decrease in the overall quality of work & morale.
Potential Damage to Reputation: Failing to meet a client’s high expectations (which is almost guaranteed) will turn into them leaving early and making sure everyone who is willing to listen will hear about their experience.
Financial Implications: There are two major desperation scenarios. The first are the companies with big pockets that need wins fast and will pay for it. This is attractive but could hurt you in the long term.
The other is the client that is burning through cash and needs the win to stay alive. These folks will miss payments or completely run out of funds if you can’t make a miracle happen.
For the well-being and sustained growth of your agency, you’ve got to work with clients who have a genuine understanding of marketing and the time and effort required.
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