Issue #70: Agency Growth Tip - An oldie but a goodie

Another week, another issue of The Blink! This time, we’re focusing on a growth concept that can significantly elevate your agency’s growth potential – the concept of the Power Parthenon.
Let’s dive right into it!
🔑 Business Tip: Building Your Agency’s Power Parthenon
Inspired by the iconic Parthenon in Greece, the concept of Power Parthenon by business guru Jay Abraham is a strategy for diversification in marketing and customer acquisition.
It emphasizes optimization through three core growth levers, each playing an essential role in nurturing sustainable growth and diversification.
Let’s delve deeper into how you can use these three growth levers:
  • Acquiring More Clients: Expand your client base with strategies like inbound marketing, content marketing, PPC advertising, and SEO. However, bear in mind that client acquisition is the most expensive growth lever for your agency.
  • Increasing Value per Customer: Boost your revenue from each client with upselling, cross-selling, and refining your services to demand higher rates. This could come in the form of charging more or adding complimentary services.
  • Enhancing Buying Frequency: This is problematic if you only have a single product or service to sell…even more so if you’re an agency that provides project-based work. The fastest way to grow your agency is to turn one-time project buyers into retainer clients.
Given that acquiring new clients is both vital and the most costly of the growth levers, it often presents the most challenging starting point.
This is why in our next section, we’ll discuss how our tool – PPC Reveal, & how can help you maximize client acquisition opportunities with a competitive edge without burning a hole in your pocket. 🔥
🚀 Agency Tip: Optimize Your Client Acquisition with PPC Reveal
Since acquiring new clients is the most expensive of the three growth tactics shared above, I wanted to share a tool that will help you get the most out of each-and-every lead.
Introducing PPC Reveal, our new tool that will help you close more deals and make you look dang good in the process.
🤝 Expand Your Client Base: Uncover your competition’s real-time Google Search Ads strategies. Knowing what the competition is doing enables you to outperform them and attract their clients to your agency.
💲 Increase Value per Customer: Through access to Google Search keyword data and competitors’ live ad information, you can craft strategies that deliver superior results, providing more value to each customer and justifying higher retainers.
💸 Boost Buying Frequency: With insights into ad frequency, scheduling, and location targeting, you can fine-tune your client’s campaigns to maximize their ROI, encouraging frequent and larger purchases.
Normally we charge $147/month for access to everything I shared above. However, we’re offering a fantastic deal for our readers: get your first 6 months for just $147, and SAVE $735 Today!😱
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard