Issue #66: Avoid these clients at all costs

This week I’m sharing the one client phrase that should have you hitting the eject button the second you hear it and a reminder to talk with our awesome team about how IPPC can help manage your clients’ ads.
🚩🚩🚩Agency Growth: Sales Call Red Flag
On your next sales call, if you or your team hears this next line, run:
“We’ve worked with 4-5 different agencies already, and none of them worked!”
Sure, those other agencies could have stunk, and your operation is infinitely better. BUT it doesn’t matter how good you are; this type of client isn’t going to be with you for the long haul.
This is a PITA client showing their true colors early in the relationship. The fact is, the lowest common detonator isn’t the agency…it’s the client.
When you hear this, try to find out WHY the previous agencies didn’t cut it. Ask detailed questions about performance, KPIs, and how long it took for the relationship to sour.
After gathering this data, I’ve gone as far as pointing out that it might actually be the client’s fault and not the agency! While I wouldn’t recommend taking that approach, you’ve got to find out why these relationships “didn’t work” before you move any further.
Sure, it’s possible a client was burned 4-5 times by different agencies, but those folks are in the minority. If you can afford to turn away the business when you have one of these sales calls, do it – your team and sanity will thank you.
❓ Want Help Managing Ads?
By now, I’d assume you know what we do here at InvisiblePPC…but you know what they say about people who assume. So, I wanted to take this chance to get us all on the same page:
InvisiblePPC is a white-label fulfillment company that specializes in Google Ad fulfillment. We only work with agencies and have been managing Google Ads for the last 12 years.
If you’re considering adding PPC as a main-line service at your agency or are looking for a way to scale your current efforts without hiring new staff that cuts into your time and margin, you should chat with a member of our team.
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard