Issue #79: Big Brand Logos Don’t Impress Me

Today, let’s talk about a common prospecting email scenario that always gives me a chuckle, plus remind you about a special promo we’re running! Let’s dive in…
📉 Agency Tip: Big Brand Logos Can Actually HURT Your Conversion Rate
I have a basic litmus test for whether I’m going to engage with a cold email. A surefire way to get me to stop reading and delete immediately is to talk about the irrelevant “Big Brands” you’ve worked with.
You know what I’m talking about? The folks that claim they’ve worked with Calvin Klein, MTV, or the NHL. While it might sound impressive, there’s one significant problem: as someone who runs a niche PPC agency…these brands are absolutely meaningless to me.
Here’s what goes through my head when I get these emails (assuming they’re telling the truth, of course):
  1. You don’t know what my agency does or what matters to me.
  2. The experience with those clients won’t translate to my needs.
  3. I probably can’t afford your services, given your high-profile clientele.

So, what’s the lesson here? Social proof and credibility builders must be relatable to your prospects.
Otherwise, you risk wasting their time and yours. It’s a lose-lose situation.

So before you try to flex those big logos during your outreach…maybe scale it back and appeal to what actually matters to the prospect.
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A great way to get specific if you’re selling PPC services is to speak to the competitive landscape of your ideal prospects.
If you can directly point out an opportunity area that’s meaningful to them, they’ll be more likely to work with your agency.
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Talk soon,
CEO & Chief Wizard