Issue #98: Big Results on Small Budgets


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This week I wanted to talk about low-budget campaigns and how to get the most mileage out of them. Let’s dive in!
Marketing Tip: You Can Still Get HUGE ROI on Small Budgets
Having successfully managed a Google ad spend of $173 mil+ in the last 12+ years, we have crafted a list of do’s and don’ts for campaigns on the tightest budgets.
1. Use Remarketing Campaigns to Cut CPA: Remarketing involves targeting people who have already interacted with your brand. Instead of targeting all website visitors, it is possible to target past visitors who have only visited a specific page or even exclude users who have already converted once. This way, you deliver targeted ads to specific audiences based on past visitors to your website, leading to better ad quality, lower CPC, and resulting in higher cost-effectiveness.
2. Target Long-tail Keywords with Lower Competition: Long-tail keywords are business-relevant and less competitive. As a result, they have greater targeting efficiency. Lesser competition and better targeting help improve the Quality Score of ads. It also helps to reduce the cost per click and increase ROI- all of which works well with a limited budget.
3. Cut Costs with Optimised Landing Page: Landing pages convert interest into intent. It isn’t enough to have a compelling ad offer to guarantee conversions. A landing page with a seamless user experience and headlines relevant to ad copy will ensure higher ad quality and lower CPA. Allowing you to convert more for less than what you invested on setting up your ads.
4. Strategic Ad Scheduling: To elevate your budgeted campaigns, an excellent resource is scheduling specific days and times to run your ads. By analyzing your ineffectual time slots, you can apply bid adjustments to pay less for clicks during those hours. Additionally, you can stop showing your ads entirely during ineffective hours, leaving more of your budget for when you see the best results.
5. Think Negative: Google’s match types are getting looser and looser – so you have ads showing up for terms that aren’t relevant. Most wasted spend comes from underusing negative keywords, which makes negatives even more important to your ad campaign.
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It’s that time for our yearly recap on everything Google Ads and how to steal the show on Google in 2024. This is a must-attend for anyone running ads in the local service space.
Here are the details:
What: Google Ads State of the Union 2023
Date: Thursday, December 21st
Time: 11 am Central
Who: Avi Kumar, InvisiblePPC Chief Wizard & CEO Justin Rondeau, InvisiblePPC President/Partner
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