Issue #69: Boost Your Agency with Referrals

Today, let’s unpack growth powerhouse tips: client referral programs & why they are a golden ticket for growth. PLUS your last chance to register for this month’s training.
Let’s dive in…
🚀 Biz Booster: Client Referral Programs – The Growth Hack
Recently I was reading one of Joe Pulizzi’s books and this quote really stood out:
“Word-of-mouth marketing has always been important. Today, it’s more important than ever because of the power of the internet.”
Don’t take Joe’s words for it: 83% of people trust referrals from friends or family when it comes to advertising.
This shouldn’t be a surprise. As an agency owner, you know how important referrals are to your business. The problem is, they are very hard to predictably scale.
That’s why you need to consider a referral program at your agency AND to make it known on Day 1 of your client engagement.
So here are some Referral Programs Ideas 💡that you should consider:
  • Client Referral Program: Reward clients who refer others with discounts on future services. The referral reward could be a % off their next contract or a fixed amount for each new client they refer. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
  • Partner Agency Program: Partner with complementary agencies and offer a fee for their successful referrals. 🫂
  • Referral Discount Codes: Offer unique discount codes that clients can give to other potential leads. If a new client uses the code, both the referrer and the referee can get a discount.💰
  • Free Service Upgrade: For every referral, the existing client gets an upgrade in their services, e.g., a higher tier of service for the price of their current tier for a certain period.⏫
  • Service Bundles: For every referral, offer a bundle of services at a discounted rate.💸
We do two of these at IPPC, the Client Referral Program PLUS the Referral Discount Code. Our referral partners get 15% of the total invoice for the agencies they refer for 12 months. We also give them a coupon code to sweeten the deal, if they want it.
📺 Live Training Session: Leverage the PPC Competitive Landscape for Client Acquisition
Referrals aren’t always a lay-down sale! You’ve still got to bring the fire to get them to sign on the dotted line.
This month’s training is designed to give you the ammo you need to close more deals using your client’s competitors’ PPC data, enabling you to close even the coldest leads.
Here are the details:
What: Close More PPC Deals Using Your Competition’s Data
Date: Thursday, May 25th
Time: 11 AM Central
Who: Avi Kumar, CEO InvisiblePPC
Justin Rondeau, President InvisiblePPC
Make sure to sign up even if you can’t make it. The training will be available for all registrants!
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard