Issue #3: Business problems, Social media success & Thank You!

We’ve got a great issue for you today!
Keep reading for a surefire way to solve ANY business problem, why “Likes” don’t matter, & a heartfelt thank you – all in a quick 37 second read.
📈 Biz Tip: There are no new problems in business….full stop!
Someone somewhere has been there before no matter how “different” your situation feels. If you’re looking to solve your problem don’t attack it alone. Seek out the right mentor, peer group, or content sources and you will find the answer (ask me how I know 😉)
✉️ Marketing Tip: “If your goal is to sell more widgets, then it’s not your social media engagement that matters — it’s how many widgets you sell.” – Josh Specter.
Develop social content that supports your strategy & end goal. Your client is not in the vanity business, they’re in the selling business.
🙏Thank You: The response to our white-label FB ads management announcement was amazing. Slots are filling up like crazy. If you’re still interested and haven’t reached out yet reply to this email now to lock in your spot on the waitlist. We’ll be opening more slots in 3-4 weeks.
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard