Issue #78: đź’ĄCrack the Code with Barbie & Oppenheimer

Well, the world has been going all Barbenheimer this past week, so I thought, let’s see what we can learn as marketers. It’s been reported that The Barbie Movie marketing cost EXCEEDED the movie production cost…so there are definitely lessons to be learned!
🔑 Agency Tip: Three Marketing Lessons from Barbenheimer
So let’s venture into the realms of Barbie’s plastic fantastic world and Oppenheimer’s atomic explosions to drop some unconventional wisdom bombs.
đź’ˇLesson 1: Consistent, Specific Reinvention – Adjust your strategy to mirror the specific aspirations and needs of your audience & client.
Barbie, with her endless array of careers and outfits, teaches us a vital lesson about customer personalization and segmentation. She isn’t just one doll; she’s a doctor, astronaut, and whatnot! What does it mean in marketing?
Understand that your audience isn’t one-size-fits-all. Different clients have diverse needs and preferences, and personalizing your approach can lead to a rainbow of opportunities.
đź’ˇLesson 2: Keep your audience guessing. Spark curiosity and deliver the unexpected.
In stark contrast to Barbie’s flamboyance marketing strategy, we have Oppenheimer, with their powerful silent marketing technique, underling the value of sparking curiosity and delivering dramatically.
The official Oppenheimer trailer was first announced in an atypical way – a live countdown announcement on Twitter and a live countdown video on YouTube.
This announcement strategy is a clever way to spark curiosity, as the countdowns created a “can’t-miss” quality within the campaign.
💡Lesson 3: Don’t be an acquisition one-trick pony and work with folks that can do what you can’t.
Now that the dust settled since the premier, Barbie was able to blow Oppenheimer out of the water (pun slightly intended!)
That’s because Barbie was literally everywhere you looked. It wasn’t just trailers and online ads. They had vertically integrated merch, TV shows doing special “Barbie Editions”, and much, much more.
The Barbie movie won because it diversified it’s channels and had great promotional partners.
🔑 Operations Tip: Fulfillment Partners FTW
I asked my business partner Justin to share a VERY quick breakdown for folks that need some help deciding between in-house hires, outsourcing to freelancers, or partnering with a fulfillment company.

Watch the Video Here

We hope you enjoyed our wild journey through the worlds of Barbie and Oppenheimer. Let us know what you think! Until next time, keep exploring, and stay fabulous.
Until next week,
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