Issue #47: D4Y Pitch that Closes More PPC Business

As agencies, we live and die by the number of meetings we book. In this issue I wanted to share my top tips for getting your attendees to actually show up!
🥅 Agency Tip: Boost Meeting Attendance Rates
As a smaller, growing agency, if your show up rates are any less than 80% – you’ve got some serious work to do.
The fact is, people don’t book 1-1 meetings on a whim…they just don’t.
Folks are OVERLY protective of their time and at one point, they thought the service you provide was worth carving out time in their calendar to spend WITH YOU.
Here are some quick tips to kick your show up rates to 80%, 90%, or even 95%
First, limit your calendar to two weeks into the future.
The more time you give between the time of signing up and the actual meeting will directly influence whether the person shows up or not.
PLUS the longer it takes to get them on the call, the less likely they are to recall why they are on the call in the first place! You’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot.
Next, you need a solid reminder series.
Lean on your calendar tech here. Make sure they get a confirmation email & text. Follow up the day before, day of, an hour before, and if you’re feeling froggy 5 minutes before the meeting.
Do these two things, and you’ll see a significant boost in attendance rate. Getting you more sales opportunities with less reschedules.
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Talk to you next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard