Issue 88: Do No Evil”…lol

Google’s famous “Don’t Be Evil” motto keeps getting put to the test. Today what I’m sharing is no different. Let’s dive in!
🤐 Google is NOT Your Friend
Google is quite literally on trial and some of the evidence being released makes it crystal clear that this is Google’s world and we’re just living in it.
The search giant is being accused of frequently changing the auctions increasing the cost to advertisers by as much as 10%.
Worse, leaked emails showed conversations between the head of ads and the search team that infer organic rankings are more “pay to play”, i.e., there is preferential organic rankings for advertisers spending money on ads.
We’ve all been suspicious of Google but what does this mean for YOU as an agency offering SEO or PPC services:
  1. You need experts running ads for you. Agencies and ad professionals are working with your best interests not Google’s. Letting Google run amok with your cash only means they’ll profit.
  2. Search and paid have more of an impact on each other than people though…but for Google’s profit not for any cross channel harmony.
  3. Ads aren’t going anywhere. They makeup over 60% of Google’s revenue. They’ll evolve with how search behavior changes but the ad game ain’t going anywhere.
  4. Work with folks that have their own first party data to give you an edge over the other advertisers and Google themself.
🎙 Perfect Segue: We Want to Help YOU Beat Google
PPC Agencies and Google are constantly at odds with each other. Google wants all your ad dollars and we want you to get the most leads for the least amount of money.
You need us in your corner, so you can work on your business and let us worry about the messy changes happening in Search.
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Until next week,
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