Issue #39: Email Tip + A Special Invitation

Today I wanted to share a marketing tip that applies to every business plus give you a final reminder about Thursday’s Google Ads State of the Union. Let’s dive in.
📧Marketing Tip: How to get 176,400 more marketing opportunities each year
This is a tip for everyone that sends emails to folks outside of their company…so it’s something literally everyone can implement today.
All you need to do is add a simple standardized promotion to your email signature.
That’s it! We use a simple text CTA but you can add some additional flavor by adding in an image that stands out even more.
Say you have a team of 20 people that sends on average 35 emails per day. With 252 working days in a year, that comes out to 176,400 impressions on your offer for free.
Make sure you’re consistent throughout your company. You don’t want an old asset lingering in your messages.
While you can manage your signatures for free, there are some very easy-to-use tools out there that manage the signatures for you across your entire company.
📣 Monthly Training: Google Ads: State of the Union on Thursday 10/20 @ 11 Central
Tomorrow’s the day!
Join me while I share some pretty amazing trends I’ve seen over the last year. Here’s what I’ll cover
  • The average performance we’ve seen on Google Search, Google Display, & Local Service Ads
  • Our thoughts on Performance Max and who should use it
  • Top complaints we’ve seen from our end-clients about Google Ads
  • The best-performing niches by quarter
  • Some announcements that we know our Partners are going to love
We’re going live on Thursday, October 20th at 11 Central.
Make sure to register ASAP, this is the most registrants we’ve seen for live training this year and you really need to secure your spot.
See you tomorrow,
CEO & Chief Wizard