Issue #34: Emails Get Opened For THIS Reason

I’m doubling down on marketing tips this week! In this issue, I’ll talk about the most important factor to high open rates PLUS the tool I use to answer the worst question in marketing!
👵 Marketing Tip: Does your Email Pass the “Mom” Test?
After last week’s newsletter training, I had an epiphany:
Subject lines are overrated in marketing. What really matters is the sender’s authority and reputation.
If someone you trust sends you an email – you’re going to open it!
Let’s say your mom sent you an email with a bad subject line. You’re not going to pass it over because the subject line lacked persuasive power.
You’re going to open it because of your relationship with the sender!
That’s why your business needs to build a sending reputation and cadence that gets your emails opened like the ones from you mom!
Do you agree? Let me know WHY you opened and read today’s newsletter.
🎨 Adobe Color FTW
“What’s the best button color?!”
☝️This is hands down one of the worst questions in marketing.
The fact is a button needs to LOOK LIKE A BUTTON and stand out. An easy way to stand out is to use Adobe Color (it’s free) and do the following:
  1. Select “Triad” or “Square” for the Color Harmony Rule
  2. Put the background color HEX code in the “C” slot
  3. Pick the color that stands out!
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