Issue #111: Every Local Business Needs a Google Business Profile

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Organic search and paid ads get ALL of the focus, so today I wanted to dig into the first thing you should look at when working with your local clients: the Google Business Profile (GBP).
👨‍⚕️GBP: The Local Business Lifeline
Google Business Profile isn’t just a directory listing – it’s the cornerstone of local SEO. This is where first impressions are made and will significantly influence a consumer’s decision to engage with a local business.
Here’s why your agency needs to incorporate GBP services into its offerings:
Visibility Boost: GBP places businesses directly in front of potential customers when they’re actively searching. Being visible on Google Maps and local search results is crucial for any local business wanting to stand out on the highly competitive search results page.
Trust and Credibility: Profiles filled with up-to-date information, photos, and customer reviews build trust. Businesses with a robust GBP presence are seen as more reputable and trustworthy. Plus – savvy searchers will skip ads and go right to the business listing.
Increased Engagement: GBP offers features like posts, Q&A, and messaging, allowing businesses to engage with their audience directly. This interaction can drive more foot traffic and conversions.
💸 How to Price, Package, and Position GBP Services
So GBP is great for local businesses…but can agencies make money offering to clients? In short: YES!
Pricing Strategy: Consider offering GBP services as a standalone package or incorporating them into existing SEO or local marketing packages. A monthly retainer model works well, given the ongoing nature of GBP management.
Price is based on the scope of work, with basic packages starting at a lower price point and more comprehensive services commanding a premium.
If the client doesn’t bite or “Already has an Optimized GBP” offer an audit as a downsell.
Packaging for Success: Create tiered packages that cater to different levels of need and budget. A basic package could include profile setup and optimization, while premium packages might offer monthly performance reports, post creation, and reputation management.
Positioning Your Offering: Emphasize the direct impact GBP services can have on a business’s visibility, credibility, and customer engagement. Use case studies and testimonials to showcase success stories and highlight the ROI of a well-managed Google Business Profile.
Educational Selling: Many local business owners may not be fully aware of GBP’s benefits. One of the best ways to drive this home is to do a live review of their results page and GBP to drive the point home
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