Issue #107: FB Instant Forms Don’t Stink AnymoreIs

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If you’ve been running ads on Facebook* for any amount of time you may have tested out Instant Forms only to be…underwhelmed.
In this issue, I wanted to share WHY they’re back and the tried-and-true strategy to get great leads for cheap.
📄 Marketing Tip: How we Use Instant Forms for Lead Gen
A few months back, one of our media buyers recommended that we use Facebook’s Instant Forms for a new campaign. Needless to say, we were a little reluctant to give this the green light from past experiences.
Reluctantly, we launched the campaign, and to my surprise – they performed GREAT.
They worked for our local clients AND they worked for our Agency. On average we saw a 66% drop in our cost per lead when compared to a typical ad campaign that directs traffic to a landing page.
Even better, you don’t lose that much control after they submit the form. Sure, they don’t automatically redirect to a thank you page. Instead, they have to click a button to go to your site.
What’s amazing is that 80% of form submissions clicked the next step button on Facebook’s confirmation screen!
Tl;dr – We were able to generate quality leads and traffic to key pages for a fraction of the cost.
The main goal is to get them on the list. If you’re trying to book appointments, don’t do this here. Redirect them to a booking page after you’ve generated the lead and follow up relentlessly.
Protip: Ask your highest friction questions immediately and use the conditional logic features. This does two very powerful things:
  1. Reduces the amount of SPAM leads
  2. Increases the quality of the leads – if they’re sharing high-level details follow-up will be a breeze
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We’ll cover:
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  • Facebook Ads Setup and our FB Launch Checklist
  • Tech Stack
  • Regular Management Frequency & Tasks
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