Issue #14: Free & Easy Doesn’t Profit

In this issue, we’re taking a hard look at two marketing conventions and flipping them on their head. We’ve also got a useful pricing resource and a suggestion to get you better clients!
🤮 Biz Tip: FREE is a dirty word
Marketers love using “Free”…
  • Free trials
  • Free consults
  • Free strategy sessions
  • Free gift cards for booking a meeting…
Here’s the hard truth:
Free is hurting your business. If what you’re providing has value, CHARGE for it. Sure, you’ll see a drop in volume…but you’ll kick out all the tire kickers in exchange for better quality leads.
You’d be shocked to see how much more people value your work when you charge for it! Better yet the second someone spends money with you, you’ve shifted the relationship from prospect to customer.
😕 Marketing Tip: Friction is a good thing
Marketing conventions state to make your campaigns as frictionless as possible. And in general more leads are good…
…but quality leads are better!
Use your copy and signup flows to disqualify visitors who aren’t ready to convert or aren’t in your ideal customer profile.
This means asking for more than just their name and email address on your forms!
💰 Free Resource: Get pricing right + a tip to stop giving away FREE AUDITS
If you attend our webinars, you know we share some really useful tools. If you missed our pricing training, then you 100% missed our Agency Pricing Cheat Sheet. You can access it directly…don’t worry, no forms.
There’s an important line item missing from this sheet: What to charge for an Ad Audit.
Normally, agencies do this for free (boo). We recommend charging between $500-$1,000 for a detailed ad audit. If the client decides to work with you, then you could apply those funds to their account or just keep the cash.
Go ahead, give it a shot!
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard