Issue #42: Gain, Logic, or Fear?

This week I’ve got one of my favorite messaging tips PLUS an invitation to your live November Agency Training focused around the top 8 agency killers. Let’s dive in!
🧮 Marketing Tip: Logic.Doesn’t.Work
This tip kind of pains me to write. With my background, I’ve always given priority to logic. And while it’s critical in engineering and running a business…it’s a hindrance in marketing.
The simple fact is: people don’t buy logically. We’ve seen time and time again that our worst-performing emails & campaigns were the ones that appealed to logic.
On the other hand, the best-performing emails appealed to emotions, specifically, the feelings they get from what they gain and the fear of missing out.
If your client is selling air conditioning repair, sell the ice-cool summer during a heatwave.
If they’re selling clothing, sell their updated status with the new look.
If they’re selling dental implants, sell the feeling of a confident smile.
Don’t sell the widget or the rationale; sell how the “after state” will make them feel.
🏋️‍♀️ Live November Training: 8 Agency Pitfalls that RUIN your Business
Roughly 2% of all small businesses make it to 1 million annually. This leaves the other 98% to stagnate or, in most cases, shut down.
This month’s training is dedicated to sharing the common things that KILL YOUR AGENCY and how to avoid them. I’ll cover these topics (among others):
  • The optimal business model for long-lasting agencies
  • Why does saying “Yes” to more means making WAY less
  • How to set the stage with clients to ensure alignment
  • How to avoid the “race to the bottom” for service prices
Join me on Thursday, November 17th at 11am central.
Talk to you next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard