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In preparation for tomorrow’s webinar, I polled our implementation team to share the top issues they see when we take on a new account or run full account audits. Here’s what we found:
🥁 And the #1 problem we see in Google Ads accounts…
The team came back with a list of about 50 things they see wrong in accounts, and frankly, there were too many things to distill down to a single root cause for poor account setup.
So after categorizing these issues, it came down to people missing out on the basic, foundational tasks that need to be done in a successful Google Ads account.
No number of ninja tricks or hacks will save your account if you miss on these super basic but super important aspects of ad management.
That all said, here are the top 5 culprits
1. Conversion action not properly set up This is a killer. If your conversion actions are wrong you send either no signals or the wrong signals back to Google.
2. No consistency between ad copy and landing page Maybe the larger issue is not having a landing page at all, but even the folks using landing pages miss here. Your landing page is where you have the most control, don’t miss here!
3. No Regular Search Term Review Ad accounts live and die by their search terms. Google has loosened their targeting rules, so constant and consistent pruning of these terms is where you get a serious edge.
4. Poor creative/not enough creative options This one is twofold: Google allows you to put in a lot of creative options. Give them what they ask for! That said, don’t just give them anything. Make sure your copy is clear, direct, and primes a click – it’s not just about what you do but WHY should someone click you over all the other advertisers.
5. Keyword mix-ups We’re specifically talking about keywords that are not segregated properly. Say you’re a plumber and in one ad group there is a mix of keywords for plumbing, drain, pipes, and sewer.
You want to make sure your keywords are separated out into a related ad group, e.g., all sweat keywords should be in a dewar ad group.
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