Issue #102: Google Search Goes Personal


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Before it gets too late, we think it is time to talk about the ‘Follow’ button in Google Search and how it is going to transform your everyday search experience.
💡Google Update: Google Search Goes Deeper with the Follow Button Getting your business found on Google is a dynamic problem. It keeps evolving with improvements in technology around us.
However, Google is doing the most ‘Google’ thing ever by bringing some of these improvements to your Google search experience.
Drumroll 🥁
Say Hello to the ‘Follow’ button!
To make your regular search experience more seamless, Google now allows you to follow exactly what you are interested in.
What’s changing?
Google can adjust search snippets to display tailored content in search results, aligning with your interests.
Additionally, Google Discover might notify you about fresh and relevant content within your chosen subjects.
When browsing Google Discover, you might encounter search prompts for the topics you’ve subscribed to, enabling you to delve deeper into Google Search within those areas.
It’s like your Netflix recommendations but with the superpower of Google Search. Do you like binging on a Soccer Docuseries? Google, with all its might, will pull up search results that are more relevant and related to Soccer.
And Google’s personalization doesn’t stop here.
It’s also rolling out a feature where you will find the sites you often go back to on top of your search results.
For instance, if you frequently search for travel tips and repeatedly visit a travel blog for advice on destinations, Google’s algorithms will identify this pattern and rank that blog’s website ahead of the rest in your search results. And they show you this whether you “follow” the topic or not!
As Google Search begins to get more particular and personalized, the Google ‘Search’ button on your Home page might have a new sibling in Google ‘Follow’ soon.
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