Issue #99: Hate Money? Don’t Read This


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This week let’s into how you should NEVER let your email list run cold and what you should do when you are running out of valuable stuff to share!
Marketing Tip: Social Drives Awareness But Email Drives Revenue
If you saw a “guru” on LinkedIn or Instagram say Email is Dead lately, this is your reminder that email is – hands down – one of the most profitable marketing channels.
For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you’ll generate $36 in return.
So if you aren’t mailing your list at least weekly, you hate money.
And here’s the rub, your competition is sending a lot of emails. 21% of email marketers are sending marketing messages out daily.
Unfortunately, most business owners are reluctant to send emails because they think regular messages will annoy their audience or they fall into the “small list” myth trap.
Both untrue.
You have to remember that these folks saw value in something you provide to get on your list. They want to hear from you, send them what you’re up to. If they’re truly annoyed they’ll just unsubscribe (which means they wouldn’t have bought anyway!)
As for your list, it’s not typically the size that matters but how you use it.
There are marketers with tiny, targeted lists that make millions of dollars a year from email marketing. On the other hand, there are marketers with HUGE lists that can’t drive sales to save their lives.
It’s that time for our yearly recap on everything Google Ads and how to steal the show on Google in 2024. This is a must-attend for anyone running ads in the local service space.
At IPPC our monthly email campaigns are pretty simple:
  • Weekly Newsletter (You’re reading it right now)
  • Monthly Webinar Promo & Recording Distribution –
  • Monthly Book a Meeting Campaign
  • “Free Spot” to promote a new resource, deal, or referral

Make sure you’re being strategic with your messaging and balancing the value you provide with the asks you make.

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We are unveiling our yearly wrap on Google Ads in 2023 at our 2nd Annual Google Ads State of the Union and if you have recently joined the Google Ads space, this is a must-attend for you too.
Here are the details:

What: Google Ads State of the Union 2023

Date: Thursday, December 21st

Time: 11 am Central

Who: Avi Kumar, InvisiblePPC Chief Wizard & CEO Justin Rondeau, InvisiblePPC President/Partner

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