Issue #12: How To Charge More Without Headaches

Today it’s all about the one thing that matters: cash. We have one of my favorite pricing tips, where you can increase AOV in your funnel, and a final reminder for Thursday’s webinar.
🌎 Biz Tip: Want to make more per client without offering the world? Do this…
Today, I want to share my favorite pricing tip that’s often overlooked. This tactic helps you charge more, keep your account managers happy, and sets clear expectations with your clients!
“Productizing” Your Services
When you chunk your services into clearly defined deliverables & costs there is a true value associated with them. A value that your prospects can visualize. Additionally, turning your services into a product allows for a clearly defined scope PLUS upsell/cross-sell opportunities.
Build a productized price list of your services and you’ll close more clients who spend more without rough sales estimates nobody can argue.
🔥 Marketing Tip: If you’re not upselling here, you’re burning cash
As much as people knock funnels these days, they’re still a valuable asset for marketers. Knowing the ideal flow and where to make “the ask” is a science. And time and again I’ve seen your best opportunity to increase AOV is with post-sale upsells.
Post-sale upsells keep your prospect focused on the task at hand: converting. Then when they’re most excited, it’s time to get another offer in front of them. In general, these offers will convert between 5%-10%.
🤯 Webinar this Thursday: Google Ad Audit: Strategy & Tactics
A Google Ad audit, when done right, is the PERFECT pre-sales tool that proves to your client you’re the real deal. Not only do they help close more clients, but you’ve got a ton of onboarding work done before they sign.
In Thursday’s webinar, I’ll walk you through the optimal account structure that guarantees your client’s success.
Uh-oh this webinar already happened.
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Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard