Issue #35: How To Survive Facebook’s Ad Apocalypse

This week I want to remind you why you shouldn’t solely rely on single channels like Facebook or Google PLUS, a helpful tool constantly overlooked. Let’s dive in!
👮 Don’t Be a “One Channel” Agency
It was 11:53 pm and I was about to turn in for the night. Then, as I was about to put my phone into sleep mode, all of the Slack notifications started coming in.
I had to know what was going on and then saw it: Facebook had restricted our ability to run ads for InvisiblePPC.
I saw the team had it handled, so I put my phone down and went to sleep.
How could I sleep through such a disaster?
Well, at IPPC we’ve worked incredibly hard to diversify our acquisition channels…even when we’re seeing strong performance from a single channel.
In addition to Facebook, we’ve put effort into generating high-quality leads from Google Ads, SEO, referral opportunities, cold outreach sponsoring events, guest podcasting, and more…
…and you need to do this too!
It’s not a matter of if a channel will see the reduced performance (or in our case NO performance), it’s a matter of when.
You must diversify your acquisition channels to protect what you’ve built but be strategic about it.
Select an additional channel or two where your ideal clients spend their time and get to work.
🤯 A Google Tool You’re [Probably] Not Using!
While I was at the event, I showed Justin (President of InvisiblePPC) a document I had in Google Keep. I was shocked when he said that he had never seen this Google tool.
Well, if you’re anything like him, you also may have let this fly under your radar.
So what the heck is Google Keep?
It kind of looks like a Pinterest Style board where you can keep all of your notes, diagrams, and screenshots. If you’re looking for a centralized place to build internal swipe files – you’ve got to give it a look.
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard