Issue #25: How We Booked 39.5% More Sales Calls

Today might be our longest issue to date (sorry), but I know you’re going to love it. Let’s dive in.
🥶 Marketing Tip: Cold Outreach Meetings – My Secret Weapon
Last week I shared that if you’re going to grow, then you’re going to need to do the uncomfortable. I also said to shoot me an email if you wanted to know what uncomfortable tactic we implemented to help increase MoM bookings by 39.5%.
We got a ton of replies, so I thought I’d share the rest with the class WITH some tips for when you give this a shot!
So here it is: We’ve been partnering with cold outreach companies to book qualified meetings for our team and the results have been great.
This was by no means an immediate success…we’ve worked with 5-6 different firms and here’s what we’ve learned:
  1. Find a partner with a thorough onboarding process
    If they aren’t asking you obscenely detailed questions about your target audience and offering…run away.
  2. Find a partner that values a feedback loop
    I mean an ACTUAL feedback loop, not just whether the prospect attended the meeting or if they were qualified. You want them feeding you all of the information prior to the call and asking for specifics about the call itself
  3. Know your number
    Most of these companies charge by the qualified meeting attended and we’ve seen costs range from $250-$500. Before you even hop on a meeting with these companies make it clear you’re only willing to work with them if they book meetings for [insert your price] and below.
  4. Negotiate the “Start-Up” Fees
    Here’s the deal – we refuse to pay start up fees. Why? We don’t know if the service will work out and don’t want to pour money into something unproven. I’m wary of any outreach company that isn’t willing to waive these fees because that tends to mean they don’t have faith that they can retain.
  5. Ask them to share their process at length
    Different companies have different tactics when it comes to building the outreach list, their communication cadence, medium & tone. Ask the deep questions here before signing on the dotted line.
🏋️‍♀️ Monthly Agency Training: Adding PPC Without Sacrificing Margin
So I might be biased, but offering PPC to your clients is the ultimate shortcut to both increasing agency revenue & get measurable results for your clients.
That’s why we’re focusing this month on how to position PPC to your current clients and new prospects.
Uh-oh this webinar already happened.
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Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard