Issue #41: 🤦 “I don’t know, I need to talk to my partner”

This issue is all about SALES. I’ll dive right into it because this issue is a little longer than usual.
💰 Sales Tip: How to Overcome THAT Sales Objection
I was chatting with my friend Alex Schlinsky about common sales objections and he shared something with me I just HAD to share with you.
If you’ve ever taken a sales call, then i can guarantee you’ve run into this exact scenario:
The prospect is bought in hook-line-and-sinker and you’re getting to the end of the call. You move to close the deal and they say “I don’t know, I need to talk with my business partner/spouse/pet rock before I go all in”
While there is a small percentage of times that this is a genuine need, most of the time it’s either a veiled “no” or “maybe”
Don’t let the call end here! Here’s an easy way to get them to make a commitment on the call without feeling like a pushy salesperson.
First: Ask them “If you were the sole decision maker, would you be all in and ready to go?”
If they say “Yes” move to the next step. If they say “No”, then they just were trying to get off the call without hurting your feelings.
Next, if they say that they’d be signing on the dotted line if they were the only decision maker, Ask them this:
“So, what exactly would you do if your business partner says “No”’?
When someone is “pitching” something to their partner, they’re generally looking for confirmation and they didn’t even consider that this could be an option. This opens them up to giving you some more detailed objections if they exist. If they don’t you move to the final step.
Ask them to make a fully refundable minor commitment on the call, whether that be a lower dollar deposit or one of your down sells. Then, schedule a time to get them to meet for a full onboarding call with their partner.
For this to work you need to make sure two things are abundantly clear:
  1. You’re stepping back from a full commitment today because you want to kick off this long-term relationship on the right foot, you can’t have the prospect’s other business or life half-hating you from the outset!
  2. The deposit is fully refundable if there is even a minor hesitation from either party
If you go that route, you’re going to close WAY more business and say goodbye to all the “maybes”
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