Issue #80:  Innovate Ads with Google SGE

Ever heard of Google’s SGE? 🤔
No, it’s not a secret futuristic tech gadget out of a sci-fi movie.
It’s the Search Generative Experience, Google’s experimental search version, and guess what? It’s poised to reshape the marketing landscape.
🧪 Google’s SGE: What’s the Buzz?

On May 10th, Google launched SGE – an experimental version of search that uses machine learning to provide more contextually relevant search results. It doesn’t just match keywords; it comprehends, interprets, and then answers. It’s like having a conversation with Google! Find out more here.

📉 Organic Traffic: Brace for Impact
If SGE becomes the default search experience, think “Position 0” but on steroids. Organic traffic could face a storm. That’s right, websites that have dominated the SERPs might find themselves in unknown territories.
🧐 What about Ads? It’s Complicated
  • Organic Reach: Might feel like a plunge into the unknown, but it’s a chance to adapt, engage, and evolve. Start looking at different content mediums to provide what will really matter: perspective & personality.
  • Ad Performance: Expect evolution, not extinction. Keep your eyes peeled and your strategies flexible.
  • Content Creation: This is where the real fun begins. Imagine crafting content that’s more engaging and resonant with the searcher’s intent. A true one-on-one connection!
SGE isn’t just a search engine update; it’s a paradigm shift. It’s a dialogue, a connection, a new way to engage. Organic might take a hit, but innovation and adaptability could lead to a more personalized, conversational marketing era.

Justin had a few things to say about SGE – check it out in this SUPER short video

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