Issue #106: Landing Page/Homepage? Only ONE!

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We realized it’s time to settle the debate about what’s best for your paid ads conversion: Landing Page or Homepage for Ads? And it’s NOT BOTH. So let’s get started
Marketing Tip: Homepages are Overrated, Landing Pages are Where the Money’s Made
In truth, landing pages and website homepages share a lot in common.
So when it comes to choosing one or the other, especially for getting targeted leads and conversions, it’s ALWAYS a question of who’s better overall.
And the straight-up answer is: LANDING PAGES
Here’s why:
1. Purpose: Landing pages serve a single, strict, and specific purpose as opposed to your homepage: to get more LEADS. For example, JB Electric’s PPC Landing Page for the keyword “Electrical Services” has one goal & one goal only: to capture more leads.
2. Traffic Source: When it comes to traffic on your website homepage: it’s an open house. Social media, email, internal links, google search & even paid traffic that spills over onto the homepage.
However, a landing page attracts only your PPC campaign traffic. Moreover, you get to control over who sees your landing page and who doesn’t.
As an example, ClickUp’s PPC landing page exclusively receives visitors from paid advertisements. It operates independently from the website’s navigation, remaining hidden from any other traffic source.
3. Messaging: Landing pages function as a destination for targeted campaign traffic, therefore, their messaging should be tightly focussed for your audience’s needs. This implies headlines, CTAs all matching the ad copy. However, when it comes to your homepage, there is a lot of room to play with messaging. Broader messaging for a broader audience.
4. CTAs: The users shall only convert into leads when you encourage them to do so. And only CTAs of landing pages are designed to do that. Landing page CTAs are more action-oriented, communicating a benefit or motivating visitors to convert on an offer.
A CTA asking users to “Get FREE Roof Inspection” is more likely to convert instead of generic ones usually found on website homepages.
Therefore, if your end goal is simply more conversions, then a Landing Page needs to be part of your strategy.
Anything other than this approach simply means you’re burning your money.
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard