Issue #86: Marketing is NOT Set & Forget

🌲 The Evergreen Funnel is Killing Your Business
At a mastermind meeting last week, I had the chance to discuss business issues with some serious heavy hitters.
One guy at our table mentioned that his Facebook Ad performance has gotten significantly worse in the last year…
…I think we all can relate to that!
What made this interaction interesting was how much he insisted that because he didn’t change anything he should expect the same results. This funnel had been running for over a year and that’s when I saw the problem:
Not changing something for a prolonged period of time, IS changing something.
You’re not solving for the variables outside of your control, which will have a HUGE impact on your campaigns – good, bad, or otherwise.
Gone are the days of the evergreen funnel – the one you can set, forget, and collect a check. You need to keep an eye on performance and look at the indicating metrics that tell you a change needs to be made, e.g., click-through rate, impressions, ad frequency, etc…
Yes, conversion rate and cost per conversion matter, but by the time they start crashing it’s already too late.
Marketing on any paid channel requires constant vigilance to get an edge, don’t sit back.
🎙 Special Invite for You – The BEST Ad Performance Lever
One of the best levers to pull to improve ad performance is the landing page.
Join Justin and me this Thursday, September 21st, at 11 A.M for a deep dive into what makes PPC Landing Pages work.
Here’s what we’ll cover:
📋 The Landing Page Master List: Our top-to-bottom Landing Page checklist ensuring only wins
📊 Numbers Talk: Harnessing the power of data to supercharge conversion rates.
🎯 Engaging Like a Pro: Tactics that ensure visitors stay glued, intrigued, and ready to act.
🔥 The Art of the Perfect Call: Crafting CTAs that are impossible to resist.
🔍 Spotlight Reviews: Real-time analysis of landing pages – get firsthand insights.

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Here are the details:

What: How To Build The Ultimate PPC Landing Page
Date: Thursday, September 21st
Time: 11 AM Central
Who: Justin Rondeau, InvisiblePPC President/Partner
Avi Kumar, InvisiblePPC Chief Wizard & CEO

Until next week,
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