Issue #83: Mistake I see selling PPC services

🚫The ONE thing your agency has to get right (and it isn’t fulfillment)🛑
At IPPC, we work with A LOT of agencies each at different stages in their business journey.
Whenever someone is looking to start offering PPC services, there’s a telltale sign whether that arm of their business is going to make it or not…and it’s not what you think…
Agencies that succeed selling PPC all do one thing right:
Price PPC services correctly.
The #1 reason we turn business away is because they’ve left no margin to work with us, and we’re a deal compared to an in-house hire.
So if they didn’t leave money to scale ad management, how in the world are they going to get out of the fulfillment trap and focus on agency growth?!
The short answer is: they don’t.
Don’t be like these agencies and do this instead:
1. Make sure there is a variable rate based off of total spend.
The higher the budget per client, the more effort (and risk) pops up for each account. You should charge for this!
A good model is to have a flat fee up to a spend threshold + a percentage of spend thereafter.
2. STOP selling PPC for $500/month.
Seriously, this is way too low. There is so much that goes into managing an account and while this price point may close the deal, you’ll go crazy or broke trying to fulfill.
3. Include setup fees.
This is controversial in some circles, but a lot of the work in the PPC space is front loaded. Every setup requires account audits, campaign architecture work, landing pages, copy, & QA testing – These are all things you should be paid for.
I get it, if you’re new to the space or only have a few accounts it’s hard to charge a premium price, imposter syndrome is a real thing.
If your confident in your ability to deliver whether that be through your own expertise, your internal team’s expertise, or your fulfillment partner’s expertise, then let it show where it matters: on the invoice.
🤝 I think it’s time we worked together
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