Issue #9: Monthly vs. Annual isn’t your only option

This week I’ve got a fun tip for anyone that sells subscriptions and continuity programs, why 5 star reviews might be hurting you, and a call for help.
📈 Biz Tip: Monthly & Annual Subscriptions Aren’t Your Only Option!
A great way to improve your average sales price and reduce potential billing issues is to consider mid-term billing schedules. Instead of just offering monthly or annual, you can meet your customer in the middle with quarterly or semi-annual billing. Here’s why it’s worth trying:
  • Cut down on passive churn caused by failed payments
  • Increase the value of each customer, especially if your average monthly stick rate is less than 6 months.
  • More cash in the bank upfront to keep cash flow healthy (…we covered the importance of cashflow in Issue #8)
✉️ Marketing Tip: My biggest weakness is actually my strength
The only thing that matters more than a customer review is transparency.
If you’re going to share reviews with your audience do not, I repeat DO NOT, only share your positive reviews. Prospects will see through this, trust you less, and move on. Share your critical reviews in addition to your positive ones.
Peleton used this strategy in an ad campaign where they showed a negative user review followed by those same customers praising their bike months later. It was a risk but a risk worth taking to make your brand more authentic.
!? We want your feedback: April Webinar Topic
Since the pricing webinar was such a hit, we want to start running a new webinar every month with content that matters most to you and your business.
In April we wanted to focus on something we think you’re going to love: Google Ad Audits for your Clients. We’ll cover our internal approach, how to find weak points, and get you the details you need to feel confident when working with your clients directly.
Sound like something you want? Give us a reply and let us know 😀
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard