Issue #50: My take on “Thought Leadership” + Personal Invitation

This one feels a little like a rant but I’ve packed in the 5 most important ways to stand out as a thought leader PLUS and invite to our January Live Training. Let’s get into it!
🤖 Biz & Marketing Tip: Lesson from ChatGPT Content & How to Stand Out
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, ChatGPT has been one of the hottest talking points in the marketing world.
Everyone is giving their hot take and reaction…which is nothing new.
The fact is, marketers are all about riding trends. We’ll claw for organic rankings, outbid each other on high value keywords, and regurgitate content across all of our social media channels like it’s the next gospel.
Go scroll through LinkedIn and you’ll see every [not so] hot take as you scroll down.
Convention states that we should be creating content to collect as many impressions as possible, but it all becomes “…sea of sameness…” (to quote Peep Laja).
While the emergence of AI tech, at least for marketing, is moving into the “Early Majority” phase, the reactionary content about AI seems to have reached the “Laggard” Stage
So instead of jumping on the current trend when you’re posting on social channels, the best way to stand out is to do the following:
  1. Provide a unique perspective from your experience (theory is BS)
  2. Take contrarian opinions on conventional norms…just don’t be a troll
  3. Stay consistent on your topics. You can’t be known for everything, pick what you want to be known for and stay consistent (my business partner Justin stinks at this 🤣)
  4. Post regularly
  5. Comment on posts that are in your selected topics
If you’re reading this and you’ve been all in on AI from the beginning and have been producing content for years…congrats you should have enough authority to stand out and ride that wave.
However, if you’re trying to get known for something, I wouldn’t recommend picking an area where there are the most eyeballs. Pick the area where you provide true subject matter expertise and can drive valuable perspectives based on your unique experiences.
📅 Agency Training: The Sticky Agency’s Guide to Onboarding & Communication
We’ve teamed up with ClickUp to put together a training that will share what to do during one of the most important times in a client relationship: Onboarding
On top of how to handle onboarding, we’ll share one of the most overlooked steps in the process plus how to transition yourself from a mere vendor to an established partner.
Here are the details
What: The Sticky Agency’s Guide to Onboarding and Communication
Date: January 26
Time: 12 PM CST
Who: Justin Rondeau, President InvisiblePPC
Talk soon,
CEO & Chief Wizard