Issue #29: [New Training] The One-Call Close

Today I’ve got a tip about how to get more quality out of your lead forms without sacrificing conversions & an invite to training you cannot miss! Let’s get to it.
💀 Marketing Tip: Less is not always more
Typeform released a post where they shared 5 ways to improve form completion rates after analyzing 10,000 forms. One that caught my eye was something that hasn’t changed in nearly 12 years and is worth repeating (but not for the reason you think!)
They shared the average completion rate of forms based on the number of fields:
+ One Form Field: 87%
+ Two Form Fields: 80%
+ Tree Form Fields: 61%
+ Four Form Fields: 60%
+ Five Form Fields: 58%
Convention states that the more fields you add, the less likely someone is to complete it. That isn’t earth-shattering…
What stands out to me is if you’re going to ask for more than two fields, then you might as well ask for 5 (assuming you’ll use that data.)
This is a great way to increase the quality without sacrificing conversion rates. That said, you’ll need to be aware that different fields have different levels of friction. A single phone number field could tank your rates in a heartbeat.
What’s cool is this is consistent with a similar study done by the team at Unbounce back in 2012 – a stark drop-off after two fields with normalization between fields 4-5.
📘 Monthly Training: The 1-Call Close with Alex
So now that you have those high-quality leads coming in…how are you going to turn them into sales?
That’s what we wanted to focus on with this month’s live training:
Mastering the 1-Call Close.
While we’re great at PPC, we aren’t experts in sales methods…so we brought in one of the best in the business to teach you how to close more business in way less time!
Uh-oh this webinar already happened.
The reply is only available to InvisiblePPC partners and our Agency Insiders.
Agency Insider includes:
  • Access to this training and all previous Insider trainings
  • Pre-sales materials to make discovery calls a breeze
  • 170+ (and counting) case studies you can use to show prospects you can handle their accounts
  • Swipe files that take all the heavy lifting out of the sales and onboarding process
  • Our landing page template library
  • Direct access to a community of agencies (plus the IPPC team)
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard