Issue #101: New Year Resolutions of Resilience


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The only New Year resolution that YOU must pursue is to make your agency more resilient. And we recommend to couple it with a culture based on experimentation and learning.
🤖 Agency Tip: The Resiliency Resolution will be a game-changer for you
Achieving longevity while navigating periods of economic growth and uncertainty is daunting.
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only half of businesses make it past the mythical 5-year mark before they go bust.

With manifold global challenges, Resilience is the only buzzword that matters for agency owners in 2024.

And resilience can arrive in many shapes and forms:
For instance, think of Client Portfolio Balance and imagine your client size in terms of a bell curve.
  • A handful of large clients
  • A higher quantity of mid-sized clients
  • A few small clients with the potential to grow
Word of caution: do not take every type of client. You want clients of different sizes but you want to make sure you niche down by industry & offering.
Next comes Value Differentiation.
How you maintain your relationships with clients define your values. When all the agencies are experiencing the marketing crunch, so are your clients.
So why not overdeliver once in a while on your tasks? Make them know that you want them to grow by establishing an effective communication cadence.
The great big benefit of a communication cadence is that it fosters transparency and integrity. Clients realize that you aren’t in simply for the quick buck and genuinely care about their growth.
Finally, to build a resilient agency, you also need to have great people. It’s not only about becoming a top-heavy management organization. It’s also about hiring people who can lead in their own respective roles and become the experts.
And the most important – care for people who work for you…
In case of cyclical woes, sharing it with those who you work with will prevent them from inventing worst-case scenarios. And when business is booming, let them know how you can make their time worthwhile.
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