Issue #52: Not all leads are created equal

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🤖 Agency Tip: Have a Realistic Lead Quality Discussion EARLY
When local businesses get big enough to need marketing help, they tend to be moving from a purely referral driven business.
While this looks like a huge opportunity to show off your marketing skills, you’ve just found yourself in an uphill battle.
Your client is used to pre-sold leads that close in a snap – where the only real question they needed to ask was, “…Visa, Mastercard, or American Express?” Their initial success with referrals gave them some pretty wild expectations which will be difficult to overcome.
When you expand to new channels, the leads generated are going to be different. And you need to make sure of two VERY important things:
  1. Your prospect/client is aware of the difference & why it’s happening
  2. You have a solution to transition these colder leads into warm prospects
Have this conversation as early in the client relationship as possible. If you can, set these expectations during the discovery call phase and you’ll avoid the “You’re leads aren’t quality” accusation…at least for a while!
📅 You asked, We Answered: Partner Dues Now Have Monthly & Quarterly Options
After hundreds of conversations with agencies like you – we’ve learned y’all are excited to add PPC to your agency, but aren’t in a position to pay the annual partnership dues yet.
The benefit of the service, the case studies, & the sales material is all there…but kicking off with an annual fee felt like more of a cost center for this new business unit.
Well, your perspective was eye-opening and is EXACTLY why we decided to add in monthly & quarterly plans for our new partners.
Partnership gets you access to our partner price points, volume discounts, all of our white label materials, and more…now without putting too much cash up front.
Talk soon,
CEO & Chief Wizard